Do not be put off travelling to Spain because of new custom regulations! These are being enforced to protect you and other citizens in Spain.

This has reared its head as a fore-runner of the Europe -wide initiative to standardise immigration procedures. Those of us who have travelled several times across the Atlantic will consider it is just the “norm” to fill in these slips of paper, like we do for the US Immigration and Customs control.

Besides it is not such a big deal to impart with your API (advanced passenger information):






The airline check-in staff read this information anyway.. so if you can complete an extra few boxes when booking on line, in the interest of safety and eradicating terrorists, it is only a small inconvenience. British Airways and Easyjet have been quick off the starting blocks and updated their on-line bookings to incorporate these details. The IT depatments for other airlines will catch up eventually, but do watch your IN BOXES as your online Travel agent or airline may be sending out notices to prospective travellers.

However, for those who have not been requested info for bookings, they will have to supply this at check-in..Some delays are expected to allow for this administration. Probably no more than the absent-minded little old dear in front of the queue who can´t find which is her currrent passport, as she empties the “kitchen sink”out of her over-large, well-seasoned and best loved travel “light” handbag

Once checked-in; the staff are obligated to forward the total flights API´s onto the Spanish authorities, before flight clearance will be issued. This is at no inconvenience to you in the boarding lounge. So just relax and enjoy your pre-boarding refreshment areas, knowing that The Spanish are being pro-active in securing a safer holiday for all concerned.

You have been put on notice:from the 13th June 2007 that failure to supply your API will enforce the Airline to refuse you rights to board their aircarft!

If you are still not sure or anxious, then read before you go:

Then go with the flow. You will still receive a warm welcome in Spain and Catalonia!