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Each day living in the lands of the Ebro, I am surprised how many NL registration plates I see. A Dutch friend of mine, Angelique Keuning, (met initially from her enquiry for holiday accommodation in the Mora area) will now be moving out to our region next year.

We met at Tea Gardens in Tortosa to bond and exchange chatter etc (you know,the woman thing..verbage craft!) and meet her charming little girl Shannon.

Well, she has been beavering away back in “Clog Land” to kick start her business before packing up the family and driving down.She sent me a lovely email and I have permission to share it with all of you.

“Maybe you haven’t heard from me for quite some time now. I’ve been busy. I’ve been building without seeing one construction worker at all.But I did it. I build a shop and you are one of the first who can look around.”

There is more for both our Dutch and English readers:-

“Doordat we volgend jaar naar Spanje gaan verhuizen, is het idee van Made
in Holanda geboren.
Kinderkleding, sieraden en andere gadgets, speciaal voor Nederlanders in het
En wie weet, misschien zullen ook Nederlanders in Nederland en buitenlanders
in het buitenland de producten leuk vinden.”

“Because we’re moving to Spain next year, the idea of Made in Holanda was
Shirts for kids, fashion accessories and other gadgets, especially for Dutch
families who emigrated to other countries.
But you’ll never know, maybe the Dutch in Holland and other nationalities in
other countries will also enjoy the products.”Angelique Keuning

larsshannon.jpg www.MadeInHolanda.com

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