English speaking car mechanic.

This business card says it all. When in Tortosa and you have that strange noise under the bonnet, or wobble in the wheel, that you cannot even describe in English, let alone Spanish, then it is time to visit Miquel.

Why is it always when you are running late, to drive your husband to a hospital appointment, the car develops, a loud and ominous clunking noise? Not when you start the engine up and reverse through the gates. Only when you set off down the lane.

Must be the empty gas bottle in the back rolling about, I pray silently to myself. Oh no, not more car expense; Tortosa car tax bill has already hit the mat this week and car insurance is due end of July. Does it ever end, I feebly wail to myself?

I tune the radio onto FM 102.9, to calm my frayed nerves, and “FLAIX FM” bellows forth.

Him “indoors” matches the loudness. “Well, that is typical of a woman! Turns the radio on full blast so she drowns out the sound of the noise! Stop the car!!”

I do as bidden. The royal “we” removes the empty gas bottle. I go back and forth, but the noise vibrates louder.

Oh dear, I groan, ” Miquel here we come”, again.

Slowly we proceed to Roquetes to “Taller Miquel”. He greets us with such a welcoming smile.

– ¿Que passe? –

He ducks under the car, there and then, in the street.

In perfect English he volunteeers, “There is a hole in the exhaust. I will order the part and I can fix it very quickly for you in the morning. Nine o´clock will be okay?”

Fabulous! Miquel saves the day again for an English settler in Catalonia!




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