-Spud´s salad – Ensalada patata – Amanida patata – Kartoffel salat

image024.jpgCooking becomes a whole new hobby out here. The cooking is shared by entire families and the men still claim they are better chefs around the barbecue than the women. Fine, by me, Angeles let´s have that one glass of red wine now!

Ganz einfag!

Germans make great potato salad, both hot and cold. Oktoberfest would not be the same without their salads. Bacon is always included in their salads and often they use red potatoes instead of white, and always a good measure of mustard.

Most supermarkets in Tortosa (Carrefour, Sabeco, Lidl, Mercadona, Suma) stock tubs of already cubed bacon – some is even heavily spiced, but both go well in potato salads.

Add your own varieties to this with your own sliced green, spring onions. I also think that red and green peppers thinly sliced or chopped just adds that extra voom to your salad.

Latino salad also uses bacon, but black olives along with an apple crumbled into it, with their tasty red onions and black pepper and a garlic clove crushed into it. All available in Catalonia.

¡ Muy fa`cile !

Orchestrate your basic potato salad, but be more adventurous! Look at what are the natural products you have on your land, or in the local markets or “Agrobotigas” and be creative. Green olives harmonize well with nuts, cashews (supermarket brands, maybe), but try you own almonds or walnuts, add some crunchy sliced celery and few radishes,thinly sliced just pulled up from your own veggie patch. Don´t forget to use the LIGHT mayonnaise to help keep our old arteries unclogged.

Some of the best potato salads I´ve tasted this season has include seafood. Different – but so jummy,with prawns accompanied with crab or crayfish. Fresh parsley sliced small, first sprinkled with own-grown lemons and then tossed into the salad with a genreous sprinkling of ground black pepper.

Catalonia is famous and overflowing with their varieties of sausages in all sizes, colours and thickness,unsmoked,smoked and spicy. Slice some of your favourites into your potato salad. Not sure which to buy or sample. ¡ No problema ! Either ask your local butcher or watch what the village ladies are buying..- Que bueno?


Have you ever tasted Californian Sweet potato salad? Wowee! Serves up well with barbecue or fried chicken and sits well along a steakor charcoal grilled chops and sausages.

Oh, yes, there is more than one way to make your barbecue memorable, instead of serving up the boring old jacket potato. Us Westerna and Northern Europeans need our stodge – though in more moderation than back in the colder climates.

More of these mouth-watering recipes to be found at:

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