Too good to hurry – at Murray´s

The friendly Londoners have now opened “Murrays” in the Sabeco complex in Tortosa, (off the C12 and near Hotel Corona´s roundabout.) Terry and Jackie are the smiling faces that will greet you with a warm welcome. They have been up and running for just five young weeks, but are doing very well after making lots of changes to the decor and the menu.

They also have a select choice of English products to try and their freezers are full of frozen delights. So don´t be shy to ask if you can look. Their meat and chicken pastries are wonderful for an easy snack, especially as the autumn chill sets in and a lovely tin of Heinz Soup does warm the old cockles.

Murray’s are currently open on Sabeco shopping days, from 10:00 until 18:00. As they progress they hope to extend this until 21:30. Open during siestas. Hoorah!

Need a photocopy of your passsports or forms for NIE´s? They can oblige. Colour photocopying is also available and this is handy for school projects or for your scrapbooks and journals. Maybe you just want to pop an enclosure into a letter to send back home. All copying is A4 size.

Internet is available for One Euro for 30 minutes. Come in for a cup of “cha” and a slice of cake for afternoon tea. If you have never been online and are curious, they will show you how to sign on and you can surf to your hearts content. Beware! It is addictive.

Friday’s wouldn’t be Fridays, if they are not rounded off with a good size piece of cod in batter, chips and oh, the all time English favourite, mushy peas! But hey, why wait until Friday for a favourite meal? Everyday there is an “English Speciality” that is freshly cooked on the premises.

Couldn´t make any of the meals through the week? Don´t worry! Saturday is “The British Roast”. And best of all, you always have a choice of three; Roast Chicken, Roast Pork or the proverbial and genuine Roast Beef. All covered in “proper gravy” and always accompanied with Roast Spuds, vegetables and Yorkshire Puddings. (Makes me hungry just writing about it!). And all this, for just 8 euros. We suggest you book early for it and they start serving from midday onwards.

Apart from a good cup of coffee or English tea you can mingle with Spanish traditions and have a beer or two, cider, wine or cava. Still room for more? How about apple crumble and custard, apple pie and custard or ice-cream, banana split or a choice of cakes? Once tasted – never forgotten. All the sweet baking is from the delightful hands of “Dee” that equally matches her gentle disposition.


Smaller meals are available with hot and cold sandwiches, with generous fillings. Traditional Ham Burgers or try a chicken or turkey Burger, served up with chips and a healthy salad to balance out the carbs! Yummy jacket potatoes for your body “central heating” system this winter. English meat or chicken pies served with mashed potatoes and peas or baked beans and gravvvvvvvvy…

Light breaks are on offer too, with a hot drink and toast or crumpets with jam and marmalade. These just about full Grandma to bursting point. Now, for the Englishman who boasts a hearty appetite in the morning (or all day long) and Murray’s will full their tums, with a full and hearty English Breakfast. Served with bottomless cups of tea or coffee. You just have to try it, to believe it. You will not be disappointed. A breakfast that size will keep the wolf from the door throughout the best part of the day!

For a more “petite” size breakfast, make up your own combination from a range of “hot” options. This way you can have as much or as little as you wish. No need to hurray your meal at Murray’s, as they have two big TV screens for English satellite telly.

You can also pick up your latest copy of “Catalunya Life” and the German / English magazine “Caminos Cost Daurada”, each for the nominal sum of 1,50 Euros, and page your way through them over a drink. Smokers can sit and eat their meals outside under umbrellas.

But before you rush off, browse their “grocery shelves” and freezers for some of your favourite English goodies. They even have sugar-free juices for diabetics, so you no longer need travel miles up the coast to find some.

Enjoyed yourselves? Email us and tell your friends too. Forget the English reserve and why not go and invite your Spanish neighbours to join you there for a meal or a snack!

**Newsflash** Hot roasted, full sized Chickens will soon be available as a “takbslogo1.jpgeaway”.

Like I said – no need to hurray at Murray´s! Murray´s a Brighter Cafe in Brighter Catalonia. Highly recommended by the Voice of the Ebro and

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  1. We would like to say thank you for a great write up about our new English Cafe and Shop suituated in Sabeco.

    Today Friday we served FISH ( cod in batter imported from the UK ) AND CHIPS served with salad, mushy peas or garden peas. The compliments were: very well presented, lovely, very nice and the best fish and chips I’ve eaten since I have been here. A great start to a new dish.

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