Truckers strike begins to hit Tortosa´s shelves

Yesterday meat, fish and fresh vegetables shelves were bare in most Supermarkets. Milk was unavailable. Diesel was unavailable and long queues for Sin Plumo 95 petrol

But the local indoor market in Jesus at the top of the town, still had shelves laden with fresh vegetables. Two ladies, each run their own stalls in there and they will make you feel very welcome. All locally grown goods and they are fresh and last longer in your fridge than off the supermarket shops. They also have some fish “goodies” in their freezers.

But shop sensibly as other people need to eat. Remember, the Catalans as a rule do not do big weekly or monthly shops like the expats.

Late afternoon today I went down to the Gas Man-with-a-truck, by the Ebro River in El Templa and he had no “Propano” left. In fact, he only had six “Butano” left. Sorry guys I needed two. One to attach for our water system and one to cook on.

But I did notice this afternoon that the Corona Hotel Petrol station had re-opened one diesel pump. So I am not sure how long that will last.

There are various local produce outlets here about and co-operatives, where you can get seasonal vegetables and fruit. Tomorrow is market day in Roquetes and they have an indoor market as well selling fresh wares.

Our Prime Minister is meeting again next week with business sectors and truck unions. What has so far been put on the table has been rejected by the strikers . Lets hope this is peacefully resolved with no further injuries and deaths.

Otherwise, the fiesta of San Jordi will be the quietest one ever held if this continues onto the 24th June. But, surely, the Catalans will not let their patron saint´s feast day go by unnoticed?

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