Let the words flow…

“We are the Global English EBROVOICE and beyond – no boundaries- like a smile knows no language barriers”

Everyone deserves the right to  R E A D. If you can READ you can learn anything!

Every child has the birthright to an E D U C A T I O N.

The L A N G U A G E information highway in the valleys, mountains, coastal or town areas or afar.

A S K away we will assist to research and finding the answers to your queries.

L O O K it U P!

The ART of L I S T E N I N G – is one of the greatest tools in any language learning.

Knowledge is only as powerful as the next person you share it with. You do not end a teacher’s Degree or diploma to teach, instruct, or guide another person to learn what you yourself have achieved. Knowledge must be shared upwards, sidewards and downwards. Think about it! Grandparents and parents are not too old to be taught literacy. They may not have had the opportunities that you have had. Help your young siblings to get ahead or your older cousins, brothers and sisters to catch up.

READ it – WRITE  it – SPELL  it – SAY it- UNDERSTAND it -USE it –  SHARE it -and it will be stored in the long-term lexicon of your brain (i.e your vocabulary memory bank in your brain.)

We are the voice and linguistic platform for all  -zero discrimination. This is the home for polyglots too. Welcome!

Along with our resident blogger, English tutor, international linguistic naming consultant and published author “Rosie Reay” reporting detailed accounts of what´s happening in the valley area and general notices as available to her. She will be penning articles of local interest to all age groups and cultures. Her forte is to include inter-woven multi-linguistic threads of our vibrant, diverse and cultural experiences.

We request guest bloggers to share their informative articles from you all over the world, geographical, environmental, professional or historical on traditions and current occurrences. Share your day out or night out with us. You may sub in the bilingual languages, but English must be the focal one.

We are long-established residents of the Ebro Valley and are well-travelled and well-read. This is a wonderful place we love all the options available. There is so much going on, but not everyone knows about them. This is one of the localized challenges that we aim to correct and centralize the information for the local people, national and international visitors, family and friends and online browsers, across the languages and cultures.

We intend to provide and promote to the world, so everyone has the best possible information on the Ebro Valley (and close neighbouring areas) at their fingertips.

If you are a business owner and are interested in being featured here please get in touch. We are keen to collaborate with affiliates. Contacts…..