Unlock Your English Potential with a Global ESL Tutor

With over 43 years of experience, I am Rosie Reay – The Ebro Voice – and I am dedicated to helping students of all levels master the English language. Whether you’re an ESL student, a graduate, a professional, or someone looking to refine your communication skills, I provide personalized tutoring that builds confidence, knowledge, and understanding.


  • Personalized Online Tutoring: Tailored lessons via Zoom and Go Meet, specifically designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Thesis Editing and Proofreading: Expertise in ensuring clarity and precision for final year degrees and beyond.
  • Accent Refinement: Helping you achieve a clear, comprehensible global English voice.
  • E-book Stories and Comprehension: Engaging materials to enhance your reading and understanding.

Global Community

  • WhatsApp Group – Ebrovoice Global English: Real-time language practice with a supportive community.
  • Facebook Pages: Follow “Brighter Languages” and “The Ebrovoice” for engaging content and updates.

International Linguistic Naming Consultant

Since 1998, I have been providing linguistic naming consultancy services, helping businesses and individuals create impactful and culturally sensitive names for products, brands, and more. My expertise ensures that your name resonates globally, avoiding cultural pitfalls and maximizing appeal. See Brighter Naming for more details.

Why Me?

  • Extensive Experience: Over four decades of teaching and linguistic consulting.
  • Friendly and Approachable: A supportive environment where you feel valued and understood.
  • Proven Success: Countless international professionals and students have achieved their language goals with my guidance.

Let’s Connect

Rosie Reay Roseann Dodgson

Ready to take your English skills to the next level or need expert naming consultancy? Contact me today and join a global network of successful learners and professionals.