I am Azhar, also known as Poster, from India. I am a graduate of pharmacy from Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, and I am currently pursuing my MBA at Jamia Millia Islamia, the central university. I feel compelled to express my gratitude to Rosie Reay, the Head of the Ebrovoice group, for her exceptional teaching and unwavering support. I first encountered
Rosie during a Zoom session for English learners, where her expertise and guidance left a lasting impression on me. Struggling with mastering the English language, I reached out to Rosie for additional support. She graciously added me to her WhatsApp group, providing informative materials and invaluable guidance that significantly aided my language-learning journey. Thanks to Rosie’s mentorship and assistance, I have not only conquered the English language but have also embarked on a career as an online tutor for U.S. school students. Throughout my training period, Rosie’s support was instrumental in helping me excel in my projects, and navigate complex passages, poems, and grammar exercises, ultimately achieving outstanding results in my certification exams. Her dedication to my success extended to assisting me in writing articles essential for job applications, showcasing her versatility and kindness as a teacher. Rosie’s teaching approach is modern and effective, encompassing various tools and techniques that transcend language learning to encompass subjects like science, social science, and geography. Her inspirational personality and commitment to her students make her a standout educator. I have found solace in approaching Rosie whenever faced with challenges in my projects or studies, knowing that her unlimited support and kindness will guide me through any obstacle. Thank you, Miss Rosie, for your unwavering dedication and the invaluable impact you have had on my academic and professional journey.
Regards Azhar(Poster)