Month: June 2009 is proud to present Ebro.TV.

An initiative to promote the diversity of the Ebro region and also to build stronger community links has arrived.The new website, Ebro.TV, has been launched as a place to share videos, audio, photo’s, news and stories about the Ebro River Valley and Delta.

This is not just for the English community. This is for everyone! You can write in Catalan or Spanish. Dutch, German and French is okay too. There are certain groups setup already so please join in. Start your own group and display your interests or wares.

Photo Album and unlimited media uploads! Here’s your chance to show off all those snaps you have been taking. Let the world know what a wonderful place we live in! Please invite as many of your friends as possible.

With features too numerous to mention, from RSS feeds to photo ratings and a personal messaging system.
You can even signup using your current AOL, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or OpenID details.

So, if you want to boast about that Catfish you caught OR upload your latest karaoke efforts OR even just put up a photo / video of a property you have for sale, see you at www.ebro.TV!!

And it is all free!

How Kelvyn got his name. Press release.

For Immediate Release

Book 1 of The Chimona Chronicles: How Kelvyn Got His Name by Rosie Reay

Includes FREE Supplement Poem: The Squirrel from Wirral

Jun 3rd, 2009. Silicon Valley, CA: Foden Press today announced the release of Rosie Reay’s first book in The Chimona Chronicles series that tells a tale of critters around a lake. Titled How Kelvyn Got His Name, it is an educational and fun read for bright young readers. It will introduce them to the animal and bird characters as they come alive through both words and the lovely illustrations done by Candice McMullan. Often it will stretch them to learn new meanings, word roots and names, as well as real places and locations. But that is what the story is about, creating a new name for their favorite gopher.

Set on the banks of Lake Okanagan, there are a variety of critters that play different roles. Mrs Porcupine runs a shop, Hodgekiss Drake is the professor, Okando Owl dispenses advice, and the chipmunk twins drive their brother nuts. Boys and girls, and probably their parents too, will all find something to enjoy in this imaginative tale once they start to settle into it. There is even a complete long bonus poem included called The Squirrel from Wirral.

“This story was inspired by a real road trip to Canada some years ago,” said Rosie Reay. “In fact, we actually stayed at the Okanagan Resort on the banks of the lake! I just knew there had to be a story in all those gophers that so confidently roamed the little golf course. Little did I know it would bring so many critters to life, let alone trigger a whole series of books to follow.”

Rosie Reay currently lives in the olive and mandarin countryside between  Barcelona and Valencia, Spain above the lovely Ebro River valley. Surrounded by her own crowd of pets, she actually does work as a professional U.S. naming consultant! (See In addition, Rosie helps Spanish students perfect their English and writes blogs (, articles and marketing materials for the English community in that part of the country.

Candice McMullan is an up and coming young illustrator based in Canada. Young children will surely identify with her drawings when their parents read this story to them and show them her pictures. Kyra Dawson, editor of the series, ( who is actually based in B.C. Canada, helps keep the Canadian details straight.

How Kelvyn Got His Name is available for immediate download, as it is being released as an eBook first. So a perfect surprise for Dad to have on his laptop when junior gets restless during the summer travels.

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Foden Press is an independent publisher of both children and marketing books. Marketing titles include Brighter Naming: Naming for the Average Propeller Head, Brighter Branding: Branding for the Average Propeller Head and Spreadsheet Marketing: Planning for Success. They may be reached at or 650-704-8181.

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Foden Press™ and all images are trademarks of Foden Press. Brighter Naming® is a registered tradema

Words, beautiful words…Creative Writing Workshops

Valerie Collins of  “In the Garlic” fame is  working alongside another British writer, Nicola Thornton and have vacancies for their “Creative Writing Workshop” on June 6th, 2009 in Barcelona. The venue is only a few minutes walk from Passeig de Gràcia railway station.

Please contact them for more details on:

This is there last one in the current season. These have proved to be popular and well-attended across the span of the very diverse and different Expat orbit we rattle around in. However, this is only the beginning. Maybe it is too short notice to attend or you have other plans you are sewn up into . Not to worry. Why not ask around and see if you have other friends or neighbours who may be interested in attending one closer to your location. Do not forget to ask other  non British Expats and locals who have a command of the English language, whether they would like to attend.

Valerie and Nicola are keen to explore the possibility of running these workshops closer to you if the numbers are right. Please drop them a line with any ideas or questions you may have.

There is more.

These are very experienced writers . We can learn an awful lot from them, even if we have been writing for years. They always have something new to offer. They have a wealth of writing experiences.

They are also running a very successful writing course (one evening a week) with people from the previous workshops they did. So you are not left out in teh cold after doing the first session.

Newsflash: 3rd Alquimia 101 one-day workshop (Introduction to Creative Writing)

To write or not to write , that is the question?

Go on! Have a go. You will then sit back and think, why didn’t I start writing all those years ago. I know I did. My grandfather didn’t start writing until he was 70. I didn’t seriously take up writing as a career until I was 50- but I had scribbled for years. Now I am making up time!

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