Meet the team.


Gareth Dodgson

Gareth heads our global expats family coming from a very diverse military, financial and business background. He compliments the strength of our infra – structure with his leadership and management skills.

Like all members of the Ebro Voice team he has lived, worked and travelled to many countries and different continents. As a result, he is richer in character, experience, outlook and business acumen. Gareth has inter–mingled with their cultures, languages and seen changing business needs and watched how tourism trends are evolving.

He understands what the locals, the east and west Europeans seek out in sport tourism destinations. He knows they want choices and diversity. This ranges from accommodation to eating out, eating in, coast and mountain mixture, river sports to land based sports, history, cultures, shopping, relaxing. Do everything or do nothing!

Gareth has studied both Dream Weaver and WordPress web design in the USA. He is totally revamping Ebro Voice, bringing new ideas and products on board. He now resides in the Ebro valley His vision is to promote local Ebro valley businesses and provide information on what to do and where to do it, in the valley area.

Gareth’s organizational skills, attention to the most finite detail, observing and studying the trade stands, and listening skills has led him to learn very quickly and to start growing this side of the business for future trade shows.

Recently Gareth has been an active member at jewellery exhibitions – Madrid 2012, researcher at Basel 2013 and Dec 2014/Jan 2015 he was working at similar exhibitions – different states – USA for our sister company Safari Gold.

Gareth is passionate about all our products services and information that Ebro Voice provides. He has extremely strong work ethics in serving all aspects of our business with our advertising, our tourist clients and our expat services. Yet the most important aim is collating together all facits of local Spanish/Catalan businesses, so we serve the locals and the tourists.

“We are the information platform for the Ebro River valley”

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