Bought the land but nowhere to live?

I know of a solution to your predicament. I’ve close friends returning to UK and they have the most amazing and comfortable mobile home for sale in beige and green trim with full window shutters and beautifully maintained. When you walk inside it you will be amazed at the homely 2 bedroomed, full bathroom, comfortable… is proud to present Ebro.TV.

An initiative to promote the diversity of the Ebro region and also to build stronger community links has arrived.The new website, Ebro.TV, has been launched as a place to share videos, audio, photo’s, news and stories about the Ebro River Valley and Delta. This is not just for the English community. This is for everyone!…

Buying Properties in Brighter Catalonia…the Brighter side of Spain

You have read the bad press and the scare mongery on what makes good TV viewing ratings on “everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong” on the Expats who moved to Spain . However, buying property in rural Spain / Catalonia may seem to be a daunting task after watching all this media coverage….