Buying Properties in Brighter Catalonia…the Brighter side of Spain

find-your-property1.jpg You have read the bad press and the scare mongery on what makes good TV viewing ratings on "everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong" on the Expats who moved to Spain . However, buying property in rural Spain / Catalonia may seem to be a daunting task after watching all this media coverage. Sure! But it need not be a nightmare for you.

So what do you do? Stay at home? Definitely, not!

Instead, you knuckle down and do more research and read every book off the shelf on ´Moving to Spain´and surf and surf the net. Now you want to find out for yourself, whether you can really live your dream in Catalonia. So what do you next?

It is really quite a simple process. All you need to do is, use the tried and trusted professionals who have been out here for many years. Those who work closely with multi-linguistic solicitors, those who have built up a confident and well-informed network with all the planning departments. But, gem above gem is one who is English born, but so fluent in Spanish and Catalan, he speaks it like his mother´s tongue and is very friendly, helpful and of a genuine good character.

Yes! You do need a Spanish bank account even if you are a non-resident if you are purchasing property in Catalonia.

Yes! You do need an NIE

Yes! It is strongly advisable to have a Spanish will drawn up after the purchase. It is cheaper in the longer run and can save your family money and heartache. Otherwise, the Spanish authorities can stipulate the right of horizontal succession.

Jeff Greensmith stipulates there are 12 main factors to consider:

  • Finding a property

  • Carrying out a survey

  • Negotiating the purchase price

  • Notary fees

  • VAT and Stamp Duty

  • Land Registry Fees

  • The reservation contract — Contrato de reserva

  • The private contract — Contrato de Arras

  • Completion: signing the Deed of Transfer — Escritura Pública de Compraventa

  • Registering the Deed of Transfer and paying the sale-purchase expenses

  • Do I need an independent lawyer (abogado)?

  • Do I need to make a Spanish will (testamento)?

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Please do yourself a favour and read this linked article in its entirety. It is of untold current value and will make your relocation to this beautiful part of Catalonia, so much more pleasant.

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