1st To DieHowever, you pronounce James in Brighter Catalonia, one thing is for sure, James Patterson´s books are still a mighty good read in any language! (The translation is available in Spanish on the bookshelves here in Catalonia.)

Oh, thank you Richard and Paula J. for mailing me your copy of “1st To Die” and, yes, my favourite hobby is still reading! I had almost forgotten how good a read James Patterson´s books are to me.

The creator of well loved and respected Alex Cross, now weaves in the enthralling Women´s Murder Club, to make his plots even more absorbing. These professional ladies fight undauntingly together against the criminal minds, creating new dimensions to the already existing suspense.

A homicide inspector, a reporter, an assistant DA and a medical Coroner examinor are all friends united together, always there for each other with their academic accolades and wealth of experience, all with the same end purpose – to stop the criminals!

Nothing but nothing prepares them for these sick murders occuring all over in honeymooners´ paradise gone wrong, again and again and again.

This is definitely going to be a thrilling and spell binding series. Why would a brutal maniac killer target only newly wed couples? Where is his or even her link to them?

Yet, within all this slaughtering action James Patterson weaves a romantic thread – only to end in personal tragedy.

A novel where you, the reader forget about your family, your dogs and cats – they all go unfed, as you are totally oblvious to all of them, as this thriller races your pulse, gathering speed as you “chew up” page after page. When you think they have captured the killer, you stumble into a twist in the story. There is always more.

And when it is all over you are still thinking about it and start surfing immediately to find when the “follow up” is in print.

Astoundingly good read! Never tried one of his books? Go on – you´ll never regret it. www.jamespatterson.com

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