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Camarles welcome all -lovely stalls-lovely people-lovely friendly little town

20401055_1432307533527308_807822529_nAt Camarles this Saturday 29th July, 2017 from 9am-1pm is an antique/craft sale where we will be selling a variety of homemade, delicious edibles and art items.

Be sure to get there early if you want a bottle of “No Mas Moscas” (fly repellent) as the word spreads of its effectiveness, it is selling very fast!

We are running an end of the month try it special (only a few more days left on offer) on our homemade, ecological goat cheese buy 1 get 1 free. It can be used as a delicious alternative to soft cheese, cream cheese or sour cream in any recipe, topping for pizza or baked potato or eaten fresh with crackers or bread. It also freezes well so stock up now during this one time special!

All of our products are made with love. We’ve been told you can taste it and as we are there each week we take requests for colors on the art projects and flavor combinations in the homemade cheese. We use almost exclusively organic herbs from our own garden and wild ones from our land. We can make vegetarian cheese on request as our in stock stuff has a quarter of a gram of cuajo per cheese along with a bifidous culture and milk from our own goats plus our homegrown herbs and that’s it no chemicals, no salt (except dried Parmesan style) and nothing else. We grow oregano, basil, cinnamon basil, chives, sage, tarragon and harvest wild garlic, wild thyme and wild Rosemary.20370769_1432307506860644_578559664_n

Our guest contributor :Stephanie Crystaal20292523_1432307920193936_557254422_n

How a chance game of scrabble brought me to the Ebro Valley

By guest blogger Marie Pugh

You know how it is, its late, you can’t sleep so you’re wasting time cruising through the social media sites. Ah Facebook! Scrabble … yep that should waste a bit more time. Anyway I got hooked. Was playing every night with different people, suddenly a little box appeared, a chat box. What the hell I thought, why not, it’s not as if they can see me sat here bleary eyed and unkempt in my not so flattering PJs.

So that’s how I met the author Rosie Reay who happened to live in the Ebro Valley. Sat in the cold in Cardiff she painted a very attractive picture of her life on the Finca, I could almost smell the almond blossom and picture the soaring of the eagles. Come to visit she said. We’ve a great fiesta coming up she said. The whole town dresses up and parties, you’d love it.

Mmmmm…. I’ll have a think about it. Next thing you know the flights to Reus were booked and before I knew it Ryanair were bouncing the plane down the runway.

River Ebro 1Now the trip by car from Reus to Tortosa was interesting to say the least but it wasn’t until we got to our destination we realised just how interesting. Those ladies by the side of the road weren’t selling oranges!! It was late when we got to Hotel Corona, but the hotel was an absolute delight, and I couldn’t wait to explore our surroundings over the next few days and even better I was going to meet Rosie Reay in person. What does one wear to meet a published author??


Costa Woman online – something for every woman living in Spain.

In order to spread the word the Welcome on this site says it all: “Costa Women is a social community and business networking group for women living in Spain to share friendship, support and provide knowledge about living in this vibrant country.”

There are so many different groups already in operation from Writers to Green fingers and so on. On the other hand why not join up and form a group that is prevalent to you. You will definitely receive support and will make many new friends and colleagues.

This is  a wonderful  platform for networking your own interests and business, then going onto to hook up with them on Twitter, (@rosiereay), Facebook and LinkedIn.

You also receive a monthly newsletter and you can advertise and promote local events fiestas and write abut anything, not sordid nor derogatory prose.  I’ve homed in on other members blogs and have found empathy and friendship with ladies in other parts of  Spain. It is so interesting to see how other people live their lives and become part of their environment. It amazes me daily as I continually marvel at finding out something new or learning about  somewhere else.

Yet, you don’t  leave behind your old friends as once you are a member you can invite them to join. It is brilliant!

 Rosie Reay  from Catalonia, Costa Daurada  would love to see more people from our comargue on there. It is not just for the charming and delightful ladies of  the southern costas. You may even find friends on there you know already.


My two new books out just in time for Xmas

My publisher has been busy so now my new kid’s novel Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn? is out in both eBook/Kindle and print version. May take a while to trickle up on Amazon or other bookstores, but I have print copies if you want one, or you can order them from

This is the third book in The Chimona Chronicles series and as the cover gives you a hint, involves some travels down the Okanagan Valley in B.C. Canada. We have already heard that adults are enjoying it as much as kids, just like before.

And when they read it to the younger set, they can once again follow along with the illustrations. For the first time, my brother Geoph is the illustrator. He has maintained the style from the earlier books, plus he likes to sneak in little details.. so look carefully at the pictures.

I look forward to finishing book 4 (and maybe even 5) next year, even as I start putting together adult stories too.

Talking of which, my editor Kyra Dawson has put together a great new online writer’s guild called Scriboriuma gathering place for independent writers. Here we are sharing hints and knowledge and publicity and feedback for all the guild members. And on top of all that, she pulled together seven of us to cooperate on writing an anthology of short stories. Since it was her idea, she got to pick the theme and genre this year: Horror or Paranormal, with a Christmas angle.

At first this was a real challenge for me since I really do not like horror stories. But as a professional writer I thought I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Of course my story in the book is very local – and set here in the Ebro valley. Some of you may even know the actual location – and many of the characters are only thinly disguised family members. I hope you enjoy Christmas Reunion at Villa El Figueral. Mine is the third story in A Very Scary ChristmasA Scriborium Short Story Anthology. It is already out in ebook/kindle format, as well as print. See or contact me. But these stories are definitely not for very young children!

P.S. Contact me after Christmas if you have friends or family who would like to stay for a self catering holiday at the newly renovated and enlarged real El Figueral right on the Ebro river itself.

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Big, big football events kick off 22.00 CET tonight on Spanish TV

For those footballer fanatics and Expats to enjoy a warm and comfortable night in front of the logfire and exciting TV viewing.This is the second leg of the well sought after Copa Del Rey cup.

Firstly:- Real Madrid vs Sevilla Copa Del Rey Preview Kings Cup @ the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid ( Match kick off time 22:00 CET). Sevilla have a lot to play for and are not taking their previous defeat lightly. It will be brilliant to see the underdog valiant in beating Real Madrid tonight.

 Secondly:- Almería vs FC Barcelona Copa Del Rey Preview Kings Cup Almeria (Match kick off Time 22:00 CET) Barcelona easily won 5-0 in the first leg. Yet, will still go out their fighting to maintain their league. I’m sure Almeria,  first time at this level in the cup, will run their legs off trying to score back some goals and honour. Whatever happens Almeria will relish in the sheer delight in playing against the  skill  and pride of the Catalan capitals’ footballers.

 Come on Barça! Barça, Barça.

Well you have to support a local team to where you live.

Creative Writing in Barcelona for a half-day


Oh well Christmas decorations are all packed away so what can we do  for a change before January is out that is something new and exciting?

Well my friends Valerie, one of the authors of “In the Garlic”, along with a colleague are running another creative writing course as an introduction session. This is for a half-day so you have plenty of time to enjoy Barcelona for the rest of the day or have an evening out in Barça!

So please take a moment and read this email below – you won’t regret it. Never written a paragraph in your life! So what ? These charming ladies will show you how easy it is! You will wonder afterwards why you never tried before. It is never too late to write. My late maternal grandfather only started writing at 70 and then his gardening regalias were published all over the place.

Hi everyone We hope you had a great holidays and that 2011 will bring you the best of everything. This is to remind you that enrolment is open for ALQUIMIA 101: INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING on Saturday 22 January in central Barcelona (Urquinaona). The cost of this fun and festive half¨-day workshop is 60 euros. Please write to us here for more details and testimonials or visit Looking forward to writing with you soon.

Valerie and Nicky”

Postscript: I have always loved writing but surprised myself when I found I could write children books. Check out and also now available on

Did you book one of those bargain Ryanair flights for October or one with EasyJet between 1stOct-16thDec 2009)?

You did? Fabulous. I was thrilled to see that Ryanair was still planning on flights into Reus from the more regional airports of Bristol and Liverpool.

There has been a lot of grumbles about Ryanair slashing flights out of London – Stanstead (news reported 21st July) and Manchester (headlines 17th August) because the overheads at those giants are extortionate. This is only good news for the smaller airports. We look forward to seeing the timetable from Leeds Bradford airport, and Mr. Marketing Director, we need flights from there into Reus, not Barcelona where Jet2 fly into. Then those who flew from Manchester can now run up to Yorkshire instead of the other way round.

11th August it was reported “jobs for Yorkshire”. Great! Ryanair reckons over a 1000 local jobs will evolve to support and sustain their services on the outskirts of Leeds. So the White Rose wins the “flight” war in the War of Roses again.

So is too offering amazing deals before midnight on the 8th September so do hurry. The perk about their offer is you can fly between … right up to the 15th December 2009.Plus you get free car upgrade and a bonus by being entered into a super duper holiday prize draw.

Booked your flight, so the next step is to decide where are you going to stay and what are you going to do out here. We can help, advise or we can point you in the right direction.

The swallows are gathering in the UK ready for a winter destination in Africa. Our swallows in the Lower Ebro River Valley are still making their nests under whichever eaves they can find. This is a sign our warm weather will linger on for awhile yet, so maybe our autumn will be kind to us again this year.

Weather update today:

Tortosa .Southern Catalonia.Spain

Sunny to hot – 35 degrees celcius

Sat writing in my costume with a welcoming breeze blowing across the Lower Ebro Valley.
Outcome: “Perfect! Just Perfect Ma!” is proud to present Ebro.TV.

An initiative to promote the diversity of the Ebro region and also to build stronger community links has arrived.The new website, Ebro.TV, has been launched as a place to share videos, audio, photo’s, news and stories about the Ebro River Valley and Delta.

This is not just for the English community. This is for everyone! You can write in Catalan or Spanish. Dutch, German and French is okay too. There are certain groups setup already so please join in. Start your own group and display your interests or wares.

Photo Album and unlimited media uploads! Here’s your chance to show off all those snaps you have been taking. Let the world know what a wonderful place we live in! Please invite as many of your friends as possible.

With features too numerous to mention, from RSS feeds to photo ratings and a personal messaging system.
You can even signup using your current AOL, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or OpenID details.

So, if you want to boast about that Catfish you caught OR upload your latest karaoke efforts OR even just put up a photo / video of a property you have for sale, see you at www.ebro.TV!!

And it is all free!

International Pottery & Ceramic fair in La Galera, Montsià – 1st to 3rd May

(Feria de la  Alfarería y Cerámica, La Galera   Del  1 de mayo al 3 de  mayo)

La Galera

MONTSIÀ, borders on our delightful Catalonia and is easily accessible from all the arterial routes as displayed on the Google map.  During the days of fair it is reported than more than eighty exhibitors of pottery and ceramics will arrive from every corner of Catalonia, various different places across Spain and from other parts of the world.such is it popularity. It literally takes over the town! Visitors will be able to enjoy a wide expression of exhibitions displaying  traditional pottery, artistic ceramics, of varied creations and designs in forms and colours.

You will indeed be hard pressed in not purchasing one or more pieces of work!

The organizers will guarantee you a very warm welcome and fervently want to enjoy in the exchange of traditions and cultures.

Free admission. It is open from 10h to 14h and then after a siesta and a delightful meal you can return for 16h to 21h. This will be on from the 1st to 3rd May.

City Hall of La Galera  Tel.  977 718 339

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