Creative Writing in Barcelona for a half-day


Oh well Christmas decorations are all packed away so what can we do  for a change before January is out that is something new and exciting?

Well my friends Valerie, one of the authors of “In the Garlic”, along with a colleague are running another creative writing course as an introduction session. This is for a half-day so you have plenty of time to enjoy Barcelona for the rest of the day or have an evening out in Barça!

So please take a moment and read this email below – you won’t regret it. Never written a paragraph in your life! So what ? These charming ladies will show you how easy it is! You will wonder afterwards why you never tried before. It is never too late to write. My late maternal grandfather only started writing at 70 and then his gardening regalias were published all over the place.

Hi everyone We hope you had a great holidays and that 2011 will bring you the best of everything. This is to remind you that enrolment is open for ALQUIMIA 101: INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING on Saturday 22 January in central Barcelona (Urquinaona). The cost of this fun and festive half¨-day workshop is 60 euros. Please write to us here for more details and testimonials or visit Looking forward to writing with you soon.

Valerie and Nicky”

Postscript: I have always loved writing but surprised myself when I found I could write children books. Check out and also now available on

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