We welcome the herald of the EU, for bringing in new regulation from today, for the travel industry, airports and airlines for improved services and access for travel towards the elderly and Disabled! This will enhance the journeys for the Blind, as free travel must be provided for guide dogs. (Obviously they will need their own passport!) Though I am not sure if Snowy, the Labrador, gets her own seat and in flight drink and complimentary snack…

Our friends back in old blighty, Gary and Janet, have faced this problem for over 20 years now, since Janet was struck with crippling MS. Constantly, he has had to fight with airlines to allow Janet to travel and to get the extra leg room seating for her. I often heard him complain that they did not treat her with dignity and respect, rather as an encumberance and someone who merely slowed down their work routine, irrespective that she was a paying customer and a twice a year traveller and with a very good working brain that could comprehend their comments and attitude!

But, unless he booked twelve months in advance they would not have been abled to find her a seat. Likewise, the hotel tourist “hot spots” were limited to their choices, as the Disabled accommodation did not cater for adequate bathroom facilities (they supply the diasable toilet and completely overlook the bath and / or shower facilities)for them and often if they did, he could not get her wheelchair through the narrow doors of their allocated room.

Now, the low cost airlines whine that this change in regulation, will increase their costs, but surely that will be combated by disabled groups being able to travel together? This will also increase confidance in the elderly travelling out to their families who have relocated to Brighter Catalonia. Let alone, more wheelchair bound individuals from making spontaneous bookings and flying out more frequently and probably even further afield than Spain.Likewise, if hotels in Spain and Catalonia, had a couple of rooms with bath lifts or wheelchair access showers, this will also draw the disabled tourists. I know Gary and Janet would love to hear of those available near us in the Lower Ebro Valley in southern Catalonia.

We now hope that our dear friends ( who we do miss so much) Gary and Janet will be able to visit us,once these airlines get up to speed, ( full range of the EU law to be enforced by July 26th, 2008).

We know that as the Catalonians will definitely give them a warm welcome!

There are sporting facilities becoming more available to cater for Disabled people. Here, in the Lower Ebro Valley of Southern Catalonia, Spain, Natalie and Graham of – have already forged links with the British Disabled Angling Association (

Furthermore, “It was while I was reading the news, on, this morning, on the new EU laws coming into force today, where elderly and disabled people have to be provided with the same travel service like other abled-bodied travellers on airlines, airports access and the ´the right to travel´ by travel agencies, I thought, ´this will open up boundaries beyond the beliefs of the diasbled´. Then I found your link on – with the amazing name of my very own thoughts. Lets hope more sports people can travel better and sooner! If there are other activities available in Catalonia, Spain, we would love to hear from

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