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Srixon golf balls

has a soft feel for both male and female professional and amateur players.

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The selection of which golf ball to tee-off with is a personal choice of the player. Srixon has them in both ‘notice-me’ yellow, snow-white or lady-pink, with an appropriate same-slogan on both – soft feel.

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The Brand name.

The golf product name is as important to the manufactures survival in this crowded global field, as to the players choice. It needs to be unique, modern, (even if it has evolved from the long parent company’s descriptive name) and of course, trademark clear! The spelling can be coined and unusual, by that it becomes memorable and identifiable! Yet, have a feel and tone in the name that flows implying the texture and potential of these golf balls in every swing-male or female.

So, where does the name Srixon come from?

Believe it or not, the Japanese parent company (Sumitomo Rubber Ltd, now SRI Sports Ltd), first manufactured rubber products since 1909 especially, motor racing tyres. So too did Michelin and Dunlop.

Sumitomo is a surname and their Marketing team soon realized that name would not fly, even though some surnames still have a place of longevity in the naming world.

How do you pronounce Srixon correctly?

Aside: I asked once again for clarification from my resident linguistic colleague in Japan.

ts スリクソン、surikuson (the ku is relatively quiet). So the main feeling is “slick” + “on”

Also, in Japanese, R and L are not easily distinguished from each other as there is only one sound they have which is similar to both of them. They often will mix these letters when translating to Roman characters, such as writing rice as “lice” etc.. so Srixon should have been Slixon if they had carefully considered the name for English speaking customers.

Global English speaking variations on the name Srixon.

These are for information (but please refer to the correct Japanese pronunciation above) to company directors and product managers how important it is to say your name out loud on the international markets before committing to the name on the table. You may not have a century to prove your brand worth!

Below are a few of the more common one’s heard around the golf fraternity

  • Sir-icks-on;
  • Sh-ryan;
  • See-ree-on;
  • Six iron -(Where did that come from as syllables are transposed?)


I wasn’t seeking out Japanese words/products/names per se. I was merely fascinated by the spelling compared to how different continents would pronounce that morpheme “srix”. Fortunately, the mispronunciation has caused no harm in this case and the Brand is strong with world recognition and lasted over a century.

Furthermore, setting aside the Japanese prefix element the suffix “Xon” is a person’s first name that means “God is good” and is of Hebrew origin. It sounds like <Shon> but is common among modern-day naming of Asiatic children.

Srixon (always designing new products) holds the largest number of golf ball patents in the world! The product name works- it flies off the golf shelves as fast as it flies off the tees! It has that soft feel and tone to it. If you missed this because of ‘lockdown’ there will be many more supporting this strong brand name – S-R-I-X-O-N.

(c) Naming Alphabet Soup 101: Rosie Reay and

Costa Woman online – something for every woman living in Spain.

In order to spread the word the Welcome on this site says it all: “Costa Women is a social community and business networking group for women living in Spain to share friendship, support and provide knowledge about living in this vibrant country.”

There are so many different groups already in operation from Writers to Green fingers and so on. On the other hand why not join up and form a group that is prevalent to you. You will definitely receive support and will make many new friends and colleagues.

This is  a wonderful  platform for networking your own interests and business, then going onto to hook up with them on Twitter, (@rosiereay), Facebook and LinkedIn.

You also receive a monthly newsletter and you can advertise and promote local events fiestas and write abut anything, not sordid nor derogatory prose.  I’ve homed in on other members blogs and have found empathy and friendship with ladies in other parts of  Spain. It is so interesting to see how other people live their lives and become part of their environment. It amazes me daily as I continually marvel at finding out something new or learning about  somewhere else.

Yet, you don’t  leave behind your old friends as once you are a member you can invite them to join. It is brilliant!

 Rosie Reay  from Catalonia, Costa Daurada  would love to see more people from our comargue on there. It is not just for the charming and delightful ladies of  the southern costas. You may even find friends on there you know already.


Almeria vs Barcelona last night results = 0 – 3 and more!!

Away from home and don’t have TV satellite to pick up your national or local football matches. Worry not!  The internet has a solution, as always, the lifeline of any Expat .

I found a lovely site where you can watch all the highlights of the exciting Copa del Rey matches

2011-02-02 Almeria – Barcelona 0-3

Copa Del Rey: Almeria Barcelona Highlights

However, Expats you can pour over football highlights from around the world. The Germans can see their beloved  Bundesliga. (Deutschland über alles, perhaps). The crazy Brits who think of Football before food or beer (well, maybe?) can argue late into the night about the Champions League and English Premier League (EPL).

There is more. Ladies Football where I’m not sure whether the men will admit it, but I’ve seen the men watching these matches (or the legs) with amusement but also amazement at the little women’s skills.

It seems to covers most countries around the world and loads of South American matches too:- !

2011-02-02 Besiktas – Gaziantep BB 5-0

Turkish Cup: Besiktas Gaziantep BB Highlights

 I didn’t even know that Turkish played football so seriously. I mean what would I know, I am only a woman.

2011-02-02 Rangers Glasgow – Hearts 1-0

Scottish Premier League: Rangers Glasgow Hearts Highlights

Another brilliant feature of this site is they update Live Score every two minutes


Rosie Reay Catalan Vocab / Phrases: football = futbol; football club = club de futbol;  footballer = futbolista;  football field = camp de futbol;  football game = am partit de futbol; inside football five-a-side = futbol sala; football crazy = futboler(-a)

Do you know some exciting (clean) football expressions to shout during the match or to celebrate or commiserate afterwards with? Please drop me a line .  I’d love to learn them too.

Big, big football events kick off 22.00 CET tonight on Spanish TV

For those footballer fanatics and Expats to enjoy a warm and comfortable night in front of the logfire and exciting TV viewing.This is the second leg of the well sought after Copa Del Rey cup.

Firstly:- Real Madrid vs Sevilla Copa Del Rey Preview Kings Cup @ the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid ( Match kick off time 22:00 CET). Sevilla have a lot to play for and are not taking their previous defeat lightly. It will be brilliant to see the underdog valiant in beating Real Madrid tonight.

 Secondly:- Almería vs FC Barcelona Copa Del Rey Preview Kings Cup Almeria (Match kick off Time 22:00 CET) Barcelona easily won 5-0 in the first leg. Yet, will still go out their fighting to maintain their league. I’m sure Almeria,  first time at this level in the cup, will run their legs off trying to score back some goals and honour. Whatever happens Almeria will relish in the sheer delight in playing against the  skill  and pride of the Catalan capitals’ footballers.

 Come on Barça! Barça, Barça.

Well you have to support a local team to where you live.

Did you book one of those bargain Ryanair flights for October or one with EasyJet between 1stOct-16thDec 2009)?

You did? Fabulous. I was thrilled to see that Ryanair was still planning on flights into Reus from the more regional airports of Bristol and Liverpool.

There has been a lot of grumbles about Ryanair slashing flights out of London – Stanstead (news reported 21st July) and Manchester (headlines 17th August) because the overheads at those giants are extortionate. This is only good news for the smaller airports. We look forward to seeing the timetable from Leeds Bradford airport, and Mr. Marketing Director, we need flights from there into Reus, not Barcelona where Jet2 fly into. Then those who flew from Manchester can now run up to Yorkshire instead of the other way round.

11th August it was reported “jobs for Yorkshire”. Great! Ryanair reckons over a 1000 local jobs will evolve to support and sustain their services on the outskirts of Leeds. So the White Rose wins the “flight” war in the War of Roses again.

So is too offering amazing deals before midnight on the 8th September so do hurry. The perk about their offer is you can fly between … right up to the 15th December 2009.Plus you get free car upgrade and a bonus by being entered into a super duper holiday prize draw.

Booked your flight, so the next step is to decide where are you going to stay and what are you going to do out here. We can help, advise or we can point you in the right direction.

The swallows are gathering in the UK ready for a winter destination in Africa. Our swallows in the Lower Ebro River Valley are still making their nests under whichever eaves they can find. This is a sign our warm weather will linger on for awhile yet, so maybe our autumn will be kind to us again this year.

Weather update today:

Tortosa .Southern Catalonia.Spain

Sunny to hot – 35 degrees celcius

Sat writing in my costume with a welcoming breeze blowing across the Lower Ebro Valley.
Outcome: “Perfect! Just Perfect Ma!”

Wells catfishing coupled with a WELLer welcome

Brighter Bed & breakfast

Brighter bed & breakfast

Rain, rain and more dismal weather seems to be in play for the British summer. So why not take a few days off and a have a short break in Southern Catalonia?

There are so many local British airports now flying into our nearest airport at Reus, near Tarragona. Bristol is another one that has come on board recently. Also you can fly in from Scotland now.  We are only  a pleasant drive from Reus airport down the AP7 and exit at junction 40 for Tortosa.

We have a lovely new bed & breakfast “grand chalet” in Terrapico (soon to be displayed on our sister site at This is set in the most wonderful tranquil countryside with a panoramic view of the Ebro Valley stretching down towards the delta and being embraced by mountains in the distance on each side. It is so refreshing to watch the sun rise as you await your breakfast being served in delightful surroundings by your most charming hostess, Juliet Weller. Your days can be spent on the River Ebro with your experienced fishing guide and host Steve Weller or spend lazy evenings as you gaze in awe at the most colourful sunsets as it dips over Mont Caro. Days can be spent relaxing by a very good size pool.

Tranquil panoramic views

Tranquil panoramic views

Half-board is available. Please order an evening meal in the morning if required. Alternatively you can have a private BBQ by the poolside.

Packages are available for fishing guide and accommodation.

However, this area if very popular with cyclists, “twitchers”, hikers and ramblers. Perhaps, you are are having family  over and just don’t have enough bedrooms. No problem! Juliet will be able to help you with your overspill. One nighters are accepted as well as longer stays.

Terrapico’s brighter bed & breakfast is ideally situated.  Within 30minutes or less , you can be driving aimlessly through the natural park of the Ebro Delta and heading for some beautiful sandy beaches that are not crowded like the ones of Salou and Costa Bravo. This region is in the Costa Daurado with so many different beaches to choose from. Local golf courses are not far from here either. There is so many different activities and exploring to do in this area, with a wealth of cuisine and fiestas to experience!

Choices! Choices! Choices!

Steve & Juliet Wellier

Steve & Juliet Weller

Please contact These prices of 25 euros per night are exceptional value for Bed & Breakfast in such an exceptional home.

Barça, Barça football dreams plays on in California dreamland -Becks move aside!

Barcelona 2 – La Galaxy 1

Oh I love opening my emails first thing in the morning especially when one like this from Mountain View, CA, puts such a smile on my face. I shout,” Yeh . Copa lega champions!”  (UEFA championn 2009) as I thump the desk and send splashes of good black coffee across my writings (Oh noO!) Calm down girl, we know Barça are the best, coming form her who detested all things related to football in the UK, is very rich I know. But I mean – it is Barça!

I eagerly read on as there is more…

“But over dinner I discover Barcelona are playing LA Galaxy in
LA.. with Beckham back!!  He put one of his magic free kicks
from set piece in corner of net… but Barca did win 2-1.
More interestingly…  92,000 people were there… for a friendly!!
And Chelsea were recently in town.. and before returning Barca
play Chivas of Mexico… up street here in Candlestick park.
Guess soccer is finally working when such big teams tour in
off season.”

I am not as impressed with Beckham returning.  Chelsea does nothing for a family who loyally support Leeds -win or lose. But, Barça does it for me everytime!

Catalonian, Cataluña or whatever language you call our region- Catalunyan has  with all its beauty, history, artists and architects, diversified sporting activities, rivers, mountains and beaches, wine lands, olive oil and culture envelops all who touches it. But  Barça (Barcelona Football Club) touches everybody’s heart. Life stops. The bars overflow and in villages it is interesting and amusing as everyone, young and old, on zimmer frames, tractors, posh 4 x4,or scooters head for the  local “Casal” (the bar and village hall owned by the village) to watch the ONLY team worth watching – Barça! They are a legend!

So I eagerly look forward to August 8th as it is double bubble for me. Our Gareth and four of his friends fly into southern Catalonia for a family finca holiday with us. Then Barça will play Mexico’s Chivas Guadalajara in San Francisco at Candelstick  Park. Never got to that stadium but it is promised to be an awesome night.

Warm up your day!Book a bargain flight before midnight, tonight on EasyJet

Warm up your cold fingers and nab yourself a 25% discounted flight

They declare “25% off every seat, every route every day on flights from 1st March to 30th June”.

This is a double whammy as they include Easter and UK School Half-term holidays. An opportunity not to be missed in these Crisis times.

Offer ends at midnight GMT.

Where am I going to stay?  Come to Catalonia, the Brighter Spain and we have loads of different offers for you, your partner, your family and your extended family.

Drop me an email in :

We can offer: short stays, mid-weeks, weekly,fortnightly or long stay holidays to suit your needs.

There is so much more to Catalonia than you would first be led to believe! Explore the Lower Ebro River Valley and Delta, the magnificent mountain ranges and natural parks and cycle and hiking routes, the caves and the historical town, wonderful family safe beaches or hidden coves, golf courses,horse riding, “Twitchers” heaven, cuisine and wine routes, leisurely strolls around street markets and seaside towns or just get your car and drive. The river enjoys kayaking and water sports, and not just taming the giant Wells Catfish and golden carp.

Come and see for yourself! But remember, those flights discount ends at midnight tonight!!!

“The Great White Shark” designs another 2 magnificient golf courses in Spain, Catalonia

northcourse_jpg_w300h148.jpegPort Aventura will this summer have 3 very differently, designed golf courses to excite all golfers and challenge their skills. At the same time they have been sensitive to the natural environment of wetlands and white pine woods. Instead of bulldozing away theygolf-courses-port-aventura-greg-norman.jpeg have incorporated it into the designs. Something that Greg Norman, the famous Australian golfer and course designer, is very passionate about.


North and South the courses will be 18 holes and Centre one will be 9 holes.

All golfers can look forward to a “sensational “golfing experience on the North Course; whereas the Centre course provides “entertainment” and the South Course offers you adrenalin filled “challenges”. (

The first course is due to open on the 7th June with the 2nd and 3rd one in July (if manaña syndrome doesn´t kick in early!)

Greg Norman is responsible for the North and the Centre courses. “The great White Shark” excels himself again! (

There is more to the Ebro lands than just has arrived!


You no longer need to tee off from a patch of “grass” in desert conditions.

Decent “Pitch and Putt” courses (not the crazy golf style found in seaside towns) are springing up all over Catalonia. This latest news update, brings welcoming sighs of relief for the Ribera d’Ebre and Baix Ebre tourists, Expats and local Catalonians!

The Ceniolas Estates and Rasquera No 5.Village house (with 3 delightful apartments) are ideally situated for golfers to radiate out from, to enjoy many hours of golf on different teycogolf1.pngcourses in Tarragona province. No longer do you need to drag yourself for hours down the AP7 motorway to the South.

“Club de Golf -TEYCO” spreads its welcoming arms off the N340 between Carmales (“The Balcony of the Ebro”) and the picturesque sea town of L’Ampolla (“The Mirador del Ebre”). It boasts a Par 3 handicap, no certificate required, 18 hole new golf course and for the pleasurable sum of only 12 euros.

“Golf i Natura per tothom” = golf and nature is for everyone! “La Figuerola Resort” nestles against the landscape of Vandellos on Carretera de Mora, route C44 near the km 11.5 mark, with wonderful golf strokes on another Par 3, no certificate asked for, 18 hole course and for the princely sum of 15 euros on a weekday. Driving range is free. Hire of golf clubs, woods, trolley and a bucket (or two if you are me!) of golf balls are available. Maybe your “Better Half” doesn´t play golf. Indulge her in their Spa and beauty treatments, and share a lovely meal or drinklogos-bonmont-golf-club1.gif afterwards in their superb and extensive facilities.

“Club BonMont” is definitely for the more serious and discerning golfers. Production of a golf handicap is obligatory (18 holes Par 72 Male handicap 28, female 36, for 50 euros). This course has been internationally acclaimed. Worthy of great compliments to the British designer, Robert Trent Jr. The Catalonia Open has been held here! A challenging and equally enjoyable course of 90 laudable bunkers and exhilarating waterholes to test your nerve.


“D’Aiguesverds Golf Club” in Reus is one of Spain’s longest courses (18 holes Par4) and pertains to 6314 metres and 10 lakes (one bucket of balls is not enough!). The flatness of the course makes it ideal for those of us whose knees have seen better days. After an invigorating round of golf spend a relaxing time over a tasty lunch menu.logos-costa-dorada-golf-club2.gif

There is more!

“El Catllar” Costa Dorada Golf Club is only 10 minutes drive from the Roman town of Tarragona. The whole layout of J.Gancedo golf design gives the perfect balance of natural pine and willowly green scenery, coupled with the aquamarine backdrop of the Mediterranean. The greens are surrounded with water and gentle hills, making for a very pleasant round of golf.

Why not stay in one of our charming accommodations and combine your love of the outdoors, fishing, ( with a few good rounds of golf under Mediterranean skies and mountain backdrops?

Please drop us a line at and soon to look out for our “Golf corner”.

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