Barça, Barça football dreams plays on in California dreamland -Becks move aside!

Barcelona 2 – La Galaxy 1

Oh I love opening my emails first thing in the morning especially when one like this from Mountain View, CA, puts such a smile on my face. I shout,” Yeh . Copa lega champions!”  (UEFA championn 2009) as I thump the desk and send splashes of good black coffee across my writings (Oh noO!) Calm down girl, we know Barça are the best, coming form her who detested all things related to football in the UK, is very rich I know. But I mean – it is Barça!

I eagerly read on as there is more…

“But over dinner I discover Barcelona are playing LA Galaxy in
LA.. with Beckham back!!  He put one of his magic free kicks
from set piece in corner of net… but Barca did win 2-1.
More interestingly…  92,000 people were there… for a friendly!!
And Chelsea were recently in town.. and before returning Barca
play Chivas of Mexico… up street here in Candlestick park.
Guess soccer is finally working when such big teams tour in
off season.”

I am not as impressed with Beckham returning.  Chelsea does nothing for a family who loyally support Leeds -win or lose. But, Barça does it for me everytime!

Catalonian, Cataluña or whatever language you call our region- Catalunyan has  with all its beauty, history, artists and architects, diversified sporting activities, rivers, mountains and beaches, wine lands, olive oil and culture envelops all who touches it. But  Barça (Barcelona Football Club) touches everybody’s heart. Life stops. The bars overflow and in villages it is interesting and amusing as everyone, young and old, on zimmer frames, tractors, posh 4 x4,or scooters head for the  local “Casal” (the bar and village hall owned by the village) to watch the ONLY team worth watching – Barça! They are a legend!

So I eagerly look forward to August 8th as it is double bubble for me. Our Gareth and four of his friends fly into southern Catalonia for a family finca holiday with us. Then Barça will play Mexico’s Chivas Guadalajara in San Francisco at Candelstick  Park. Never got to that stadium but it is promised to be an awesome night.

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