“The Great White Shark” designs another 2 magnificient golf courses in Spain, Catalonia

northcourse_jpg_w300h148.jpegPort Aventura will this summer have 3 very differently, designed golf courses to excite all golfers and challenge their skills. At the same time they have been sensitive to the natural environment of wetlands and white pine woods. Instead of bulldozing away theygolf-courses-port-aventura-greg-norman.jpeg have incorporated it into the designs. Something that Greg Norman, the famous Australian golfer and course designer, is very passionate about.


North and South the courses will be 18 holes and Centre one will be 9 holes.

All golfers can look forward to a “sensational “golfing experience on the North Course; whereas the Centre course provides “entertainment” and the South Course offers you adrenalin filled “challenges”. (www.PortAventura.co.uk)costa-daurada-port-aventura-golf-course-plan1.jpeg

The first course is due to open on the 7th June with the 2nd and 3rd one in July (if manaña syndrome doesn´t kick in early!)

Greg Norman is responsible for the North and the Centre courses. “The great White Shark” excels himself again! (http://www.shark.com/gwse/)greg_norman_jpg_w300h1482.jpeg

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