Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies for sale

A litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies with good pedigrees, all micro-chipped and fully vaccinated need good homes. They are now 7 months old. They are absolutely gorgeous with wonderful temperaments.

The owners are devastated that due to demanding work schedules they are no longer able to keep all of them. The first one´s went at 1000 euros. Those remaining have been reduced to 300 euros each, but are no lesser dogs than the more expensive priced puppies.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a hardy breed and bred to withstand hot and dry climates, so Catalonia is ideal. They are very loyal to their owner and families and extremely protective of their homes. It is not often you can find such a good breed that is both friend and playmate, coupled with being a good guard dog.

They are better kept in an area where they can run freely. They will jog for miles with you and when you are ready to collapse they will hardly be out of breath. They will quite happily run alongside you while horse-back riding or cycling. So they can be part of your fitness regime, but not on the golf course!

They are easy to train and are obedient. They are smooth, short haired dogs with a striking ridge of hair down their back where the hair grows in the wrong direction, thus depicting their breed. Fabulous tones of brown and healthy shiney coats that are easy to keep clean with regularly brushing.

They live in the hills above Maspujols and only 15 minutes before Reus Airport and off the N34o after passing Riudecols, when travelling from Mora dÉbre. In the other direction they are 20 minutes from Tarragona and 15 minutes inland from Salou.

If interested please drop the owners an email and I am sure they will arrange to meet you.


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