“In the Garlic” = “estar en el ajo”

“In The Garlic” a delightful read by Valerie Collins and Theresa O’Shea, must definitely be Number One book on “Must Have – Must Take ” list of everyone thinking of relocating or retiring out to Spain.

The lovable, little Señor Garlic man on the cover will become your best friend and save cover11.jpgyou many headaches. It will regenerate smile upon miles you explore. It is also a jolly good “holiday read” if you just like visiting the Mediterranean.

My sons will claim I have no sense of humour. But I chuckled my way through page after page. Things I wish I knew before I left “olde Blighty”. Situations I struggled with through mis-pronunciation and malapropism. If only someone had even lent me a copy before I became an Expat, things would have been so much easier!


A book I treasure weekly. Even though I am well-versed in daily living in Catalonia since 2004, I still find it valuable reading. It is totally different and exciting reading to what I expected from the title as it is not a cookery book (though it does deal with some cuisine mysteries). You will retain a good command of Spanish, essential terminology for information for legalities, festivities, quirks and quintessential survival and siestas fulled with belly laughter.

This is one of the few books where you can read any chapter or any page in which ever order takes your fancy. Every Expat, ( irrespective of your home language) should keep this book on your coffee table. Even explanations of boring bureaucracy are written accurately but with a hilarious slant.

Profound colloquialism can too come in handy if the need arises . A fabulous way to grasp the language and to know the score by the time you close the book. www.inthegarlic.com


Also read what Valerie Collins wrote about us in her and Theresa O’Shea’s blog and more snippets from their book:

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Chickens (and their heads)… again

April 4, 2008

Talking of Spanish chickens (as did we in connection with El Prat airport), did you know that when you buy a chicken at the supermarket, the head is still on it? I had forgotten this detail of Spanish life, one of the 101 Things They Never Told Us Before We Came To Spain featured at Brighter Spain. Go and read them here. And send in your own for the next 101. Brighter Spain (and Brighter Catalunya) is based near Tortosa in the Baix Ebre and they have some gorgeous holiday accommodation for rent and lots of info about the area.


or www.inthegarlic.com/wordpress”

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