Roll up! Roll up!

The quaintest market sellers from Medieval times gone by, will line the evening streets of the old, medieval part of Tortosa – the riverside town, along the Ebro.

See our wares, come and stare, artisan their craft will share, many products to compare, try not to buy, I thee do dare, a site so rare, cavalliers sit proud upon their grey mares, bands do blare, maidens with long hair, jokes to share, no tempers will flare, this is definitely the best fair, do come, if only but to stand and stare!

Traditional medieval festivity morsals to sample. All these delicacies cooked by the maiden´s fair hands of the Renaissance Cooking Workshops. Which one of these do we try first? Can´t make up your mind, take a few home with you to share with the family who could not get to the Fiesta.

Forn Pastisseria Alqueza
Forn Pastisseria Carlos Tal
Forn Pastisseria Panisello
Pastisseria La inglesa
Pastisseria La Petja
Pastisseria Pallarès

There are activities on all day and all night. One visit does definitely not cover the Renaissance experience. So set aside the next few days and mingle, absorb the pagentry, the art, the theatre, the street activities, the bands, you will be amazed at how the whole community has thrown themselves into this grand 4 day Fiesta. You will be thrilled! You will enjoy it so much!

There is so much to see and do for the whole family, from the infants to the grandparents.

The streets , bridges and balconies of everyone´s homes are draped in medieval coloured cloth and braids. The local restaurants bring their tables and chairs outside, bails of hay are placed along the way and make thankful seating for tired feet.

The Plaza´s around the town you will discover different activities in all of them. There will be events in the college just below the Castle. Live Chess players, Gigantes, men magnificently dressed do spar in fencing with one another. But take a look at the groups of folk with their little side bands, jugglers and tricksters, look behind the makeup! Do you recognize anyone? They could be your neighbour.

This is the only fiesta I visited last year where I was blown away with all the frivolity, geniality, good sportmanship, new friendships formed and miles upon miles of smiling faces. I still recall a group of normally serious looking faces of the nuns, standing on a corner, supporting each other as they split their sides with laughter. Junior novices looked up and were surprised, hiding their amusement and giggles behind their hands.

Everyone just loves this fiesta! All nationalities join in. So please come on down and have some medieval fun!

The detailed programme link is below

Don´t forget your camera!

Please park on the outskirts of the town. Park and Ride facilities are sign posted. Please use them. Please do not try to go through the main areas with your car. Certain roads will be blocked off.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Good cheer to all!

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