Circus is back in town – Circo Raluy

circoraluykeyring.jpgEveryone loves the circus! Everyone loves fiesta time in Spain! Everyone enjoys the lights, noise and laughter of children and couples in a fairground!

Tortosa has all three of them this week.

The fiesta is in the main park (behind the police station where you queue for your documents) surrounded with bands, food stalls and market stalls bearing their crafts and toys and trinkets.

The fairground links into this and wraps itself around the park onto the big “sandy car park” along the wonderful Ebro River.

.circoraluy1.jpgThe Circus “Circo Raluy” is setup on the open land cornering on the roundabout of the new Millenium Bridge at Tortosa Plaça de Bimillenari – where we have that lovely modern Ironwork Sculpture (in the middle of the Roundabout). At night it oozes excitement when the “BigTop” tent is festooned with lights and show time atmosphere and beautifully painted and restored circus trailers, (some even rescued from the old circus giants of Chipperfields) enircle it all.

circoraluy8.jpg Don´t worry if you have not pre-booked your tickets are two performances a day at 19:00 – 21:15 and tickets can be bought onsite. Otherwise you can telephone :0034 627 535 512 or alternatively 0034 609 329 343.The circus will run from Friday “viernes” 31st August to Tuesday “martes” 11th September.

Seats vary in price for adults (adultos) and children (niños) according to your preference. They also have an offer on of one free child place. Snap it up, grandma! Obviously, the ringside seats are most sought after and more expensive, but oh so worth it to be so close as to feel as though the trapeze artists are flying over your head -Louisa and Rosita Raluy themselves do perform! This year has seen Pat and Kate Bradford join in with this esteem circus family. The Gentleman Juggler, Jean Christopher compliments the outfit,along with the Cuban Yosvani – just amazing.There is more – so much more to marvel at!

Then a circus would not be a circus without the adorable and humorous clowns.Then we have the suspense and sit in awe at the Globe of Death of Danny Varame.

circoraluy7.jpgYet, this circus is steeped in history from 1911 and is still travelling the world delighting young and old, believers and non-believers in their amazing craft of offering excitement, magic and intrigue and waterfalls of laughter.

But their are no animals.No animals tied up in small cages in the heat. Just very talented circus artists. Very professional and definitely captivating to watch their new show called ” Belle Epoque”.

Ever thought of “running away” to join up with the circus when you were a child at bedtime who did not want to go to sleep? Well, now as an adult Circo Raluy does have employment opportunities for you. You may be double jointed and able to hang upside down by your toenails at death defying heights or maybe you are a talented crafts person . a professional carpenter, electrician, painter, chauffeur, musicians ( a circus would not be a circus without music!), a solderer or simply feel you have the CV that would slot into the travelling circus world. Do contact them on email at


Loved this show and want to see more? Well, if you are on the Indian Ocean Island paradise of Reunion you can see their new show “Circo de España”.

Love to read more about the history and Museum of the Raluy family? Visit their website:


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