” Woody ” William wonder logs

Wintry days and nights still prevail here in the Lower Ebro Valley and most of us have almost used up our own private wood pile as we kept the homes fires burning. If you are like me, you have nearly gone through three tonnes of delivered logs by our local Spanish supplier in Raval de Christ.

Our quandry is: do we really want another huge wagon load of wood at this time of the year? Probably, not- but William can help us all out here, by supplying just the right amount to keep us warm while we have changing weather patterns throughout February.

He has ample supply of two year old seasoned olive wood, all beautifully cut to size to fit any household wood burner. He will willingly deliver a 0ne tonne trailer load for a very affordable 100 euros per tonne, to your finca in the Tortosa or surrounding area with carriage included. However , if you are further afield up the mountains at Gandesa in the Terra Alta or over at Mora end of Ribera d´Ebre you will need to contact him for delivery price.

He may be reached at any time of 616 553 925 or in the evenings on 977 059 141

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