Be careful what is offered free at a car boot sale!

Yesterday, was a glorious sunny day down here in the Lower Ebro Valley and the old Vauxhall had been loaded up the night before, for another entrepid morning at Parky’s car boot sale at  Casa Madera Club, near Tortosa. Mom was up early and full of the joys of spring, Alan was following on later with our friend Peter from ” The Orange Grove” .

We were given a welcoming second to none by Parky and John. As usual we had more stuff to lay out than the two tressel tables we took with us. No problem, in a jiffy John had another bench strategicaly positioned for us. Mom meticulously displayed a wonderful array of books, (though I had to stop her reading them once or twice!) while I unpacked all the odds and sods, leaving the silver jewellery to last.

We were first there and folk were starting to arrive and I thought “Oh heck, only me here”. Not to worry Stuart and Hazel arrived in their big blue van from Aldover. Out came a beautiful patio table and chairs, not for sale I regret to add, but to display his wares. Well, if you had just moved out here and are doing up your finca this is the man to contact. His project is nearly finished so he has a wonderful assortment of high-power tools and other “finca things”. People were snapping up as he unloaded.

So folks remember, this car boot sale is back on, on the first Sunday of every month. You will be surprised what comes out of the back of 4 x4., cars and vans. We loved to see you there. Aren´t there any plant lovers and veg growers our there with surplus stock to sell. I know I was one of many asking for such a stall. Any takers?

This time I missed the lady Gill from Xerta and I was looking forward to finding a Mother´s day card and taking home some of her lovely fruit crumble. If anyone sees her please tell her she was missed.

Kathy and family had a good selection of kiddies toys and games. These were proving popular with the Spanish. It is so nice to see them arriving and marvelling at this quaint English custom of a “car boot sale”.

My silver jewellery was proving a display of interest and learning in the way the giraffe hair is collected and then threaded through this South African silver. The silver elephant hair bracelets (actual elephant hair is banned from use now) were drooled over. These bracelets look good on all skins and wrist sizes. They are also ideal for a gift with a difference. We will be at the next car boot sale.

Folk were arriving in streams by elevenish and the sun was warm on our faces. Mom had been sent off in the search of some coffees with a promise of one of those tasty homemade burgers at the end of the day. But what I love about this little carboot sale is someone always brings someone else along and introduces them around. So the Expat and local network widens her net. We were so pleased to meet Huw and Amanda from Lower Ebro Riding School at Aldover, originally from Staffordshire. She is a lady of multi-talents and a hairdresser to boot as well, as well a Senior Care Assistant. I have got myself booked to have a complete hair overhaul – long hair is just not ideal for the hot summers. So I am looking forward to that!

Also good to see old friends, Christine and Anthony of Finca Ninfas. Now if you know anyone who loves hiking or bird spotting, they have a wonderful upstairs apartment for rent in the Natural Park near Alfara de Carlas. It is only 1o minutes by car from Tortosa. Please contact us if interested.

My thoughts were interrupted by Alan and Peter laughing, “Look at that chocolate brown one!” It was fate that I looked up. Four adorable puppies rolling around. Oh no…. My feet were jet propelled towards them. Two chocolate brown ones and two mottled ones – aah duke1.jpgthey were gorgeous. One choclate brown.scratched nose, where he had come off second best with the others, came hurtling towards me.

Brian Parky, who never misses an opportuinity was quick on his loudspeaker, “One free puppy to every stall holder!”

Alan´s face was beaming all over when I put Big Paws” onto his shoulders. I knew he was coming home with us. Strange that I had spare dog leads in the car…honestly I didn´t know he had any puppies. They are gorgeous all male, all weaned and free to a good home.

One down, three to go!

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