Sheep shearing in San Bernabé, Tortosa

Oh yes! Rosie can no longer be referred to as a Wooolly sheep. My unruly locks have definitely gone. Whooppee! No more tangled knots to comb out first thing in the morning.rosiesheep1.jpg No longer do I have a thick blanket of hair making me even hotter as I sleep. No longer do I have to scrape it all up onto the top of my head through the day because it was always in the way.

I now only have to look forward to blissful, no more “bad hair days ” afterrosieshortcut1.jpg swimming or days on the beach. Speed and efficiency is just what I like when dealing with my own hair. In and out the shower, fingers run through my hair and I am ready for anything!

alanmowedtoo.jpgBut no one escaped at our finca. Even Alan is all neatly mown for the summer ahead. His only disapproval was having his mugshot taken.

Then there was Mom. She just loved the attention and care and detail to style at the expert hands of Amanda from Aldover. “She definitelymomready4cut.jpg has angel hands when cutting hair.”

We now catch my Mom keep looking in window reflections at herself, like a “recycled” teenager! She then does the “Brummie shuffle” away and goes back to her weeding. She just loves to weed. Fine by me, there is enough of them.

Yesterday we had to go to Jesus Hospital (Geriatrics one) and they were trying to ask her questions about how she was, what problems, what she recalled. All she wanted to talk dolly1.jpgabout was her new friend Mandy. “Mandy with the horses – but boy, can she cut hair nicely!”

Amanda is really wonderful and loads of patience with everyone and especially difficult thick, wavy hair like mine to cut. I have a double crown at the back and two Tsunami type calf-licks on the front. Amanda was not phased at all.

But we may never have found Amanda if it was not for our friends, Jackie and Terry at “Murray´s” English Cafe in Sabeco who recommended her, after Amanda had been out and cut a group of them. Networking is so important to survive out here.
The beauty of Amanda being mobile is she is flexible and because she doesn’t have the time clock ticking in a salon can give you personal attention as she cuts your hair to suit the shape of your head and how your hair falls.

I always say you can tell a good cut not by how it looks five minutes later, but how it looks after first wash. Amanda’s is a 150% fabulous cut and thank you.

Special group rates in your homes or reduced rates if you fancy a peaceful trip out to her farm in Aldover, to get away from it all.

Please give her a call on 675 515 925. Amanda – Tortosa´s English Hairdresser

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