Who knows not where the wasp does wear its sting? In its tail. (Taming of the Shrew)

This saying sprang out of the blue yesterday while I was pegging out the washing in the Lower Ebro Valley . The pesky little enemy stung me on the side of my big toe, between the sandal straps, and I was hopping about wailing trying not to drop a wet double sheet in God’s fairest earthy sand.

Oh William Shakespeare we do indeed know all about these waspish stings, this glorious hot summer. We seem more inundated with wasps, bees and hornets of varying camouflage of tiger stripes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Wasp, pitch-tar black and the dreaded red soldiers, than flies of annoying shapes and colours (mind you they are not entirely discreet in their appearances), who only seem only intent on homing in on Casa De Miramonte!

While we admire the design and flight of the magnificent hornet, we endeavour a hasty retreat from his flight path. I say ‘his’, because surely a woman would not be that devious in attack?

Hmm!  So what do we do about them? Spray them, trap them or let the cats and dogs chase them- all can have harmful outcomes.Be careful out there, they will get angry and turn on you if cornered or under attack. I know. I have lived in Africa!

I see Southern England too have been plagued with them this summer and the Sun paper reports in their article so aptly coined as “S.W.A.T TEAM” (caption of the year!) firm hold hairspray as being an effective way in glueing their wings and stopping them in full flight to be disposed of later under a heavy workmen’s boot, no doubt. I hear Greenpeace protest that damaging their wings will only cause a long and painful death. Do we care as we pullout another long sting out of my already peppered potted toe?

Living closeby to Tortosa, Catalonia, we have various large chain of Asia stores and , don’t laugh, we have found two of their products work very well and each are under an Euro. One does in fact stick wings together but they seem to die as rapidly as the flies do. The lilac “lavanda” container called “Instant Yuki matòn insecticide”. Oh this works on mozzies and flies too.

The other option has nothing to do with insecticides.Wasps don’t fly at night. So with, ” Alin Salfumant” you coat the honey comb with it, while you have a running hosepipe in your hand just in case any soldier wasps are still hovering about. Within 10 minutes you can remove the wasp and sling it over the fence ( make sure the neighbours aren’t at home first!) or burn it on the BBQ.

I know this latter product declares “potencia superior; acid clorhìdrico 20%; agua fuerte; regulador del Ph en piscinas; limpiar de inodors & desincrustador de cement y cal”. Hey if it takes the paint off the bottom of my newly painted pool, when dilution is incorrect, imagine how powerful it is when squirted neat into the waspish homes. Boom! Wasps die! A result!!!

EbroVoice – game – set – and match!

Postscript: Article worth reading:

Uns 800.000 espanyols són al·lèrgics al verí d’abelles i vespes


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  1. Kyra says:

    Too hilarious! I loved the part about the S.W.A.T. Team especially!

  2. Kyra says:

    Woops! Should be http://www.thescribesdesk.com! It’s late…..

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