Naming News – Beyond Algorithms

The buzz words are everywhere of AI and ChatGPT , but can they really replace humans entirely, or is the human element still very prevalent in the Naming industry?

Algorithm- al·​go·​rithm ˈal-gə-ˌri-t͟həm, derived from the late 17th century denoting the decimal notation of numerals in Arabic, whereby they were influenced by the variances in the Greek word arithmos via medieval Latin algorismus.

What is it apart from a beautifully sounding word in English?

According to Kahn Academy it consists of ‘three basic building blocks: sequencing, selection, and iteration‘, applying a step-by-step process. The first two stepping stones I can run with. Iteration, by definition implies repetition or different versions. Well, any Naming Project is a process, but can computers and these new-fangled software applications do the tricks on their own? Hmm…

Read on to gain more of an insight into this fascinating and evolving topic. Gareth Dodgson has coined it in his article:

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