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Hello Baix Ebre,

We are the Voice of the Ebro! Irrespective of your country of origin or your mother tongue,we will strive to bring people and business enterprises together.

How? Through integrated discussions by us in English, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch or other commonly used European language.

We aim to promote local business, to share local information, news, opinions, ideas, issues and solutions. There are so many varieties of sport available and other hobby activities to be explored and expanded on.

Yet, we must always to be aware of the wonderful environment in which we all live and be vigilant in preserving and protecting it.

Chat about experiences and anything and everything that is relevant to living abroad, investing in a second home for pleasure, retirement or relocation or just pure vacation.

If you would like to air an query, a problem, a solution – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Humourous side of living in Spain and Catalonia, eaten out somewhere nice, wish to advertise your business (whatever it may be) please contact us in a European language you are comfortable at: www.BrighterSpain.com

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