PHISH BAIT or fish bait?

When living in these areas of the River Ebro and the Delta one escapes to a local village “casal” to avoid the afternoon heat and absorb your daily fix of “Cafe Americano, while other tourists may be downing cold beer, but you soon learn alcohol and sunshine don´t mix.

 You stretch out and relax. “Bueno!” It is not long before one overhears vivid and often, argumentaive discussions about what is the best fish bait to use for reeling in the giant catfish or the enormous and entrepid carp found in these waters.

So it was with interest when I turned on the computer yesterday to read about another type:

“Don’t Be Phish Bait”  by Jody Brannon, Inside MSN Editor

If something drops into your INBOX about MSN lottery winner “you are one of 10 “don´t get your hopes up. Do not rush out and buy a new SAAB or 4 x 4 off road vehicle. MSN would NOT run a lottery nor would BILL GATES.

My Silicon Valley brother constantly reminds me ” Sister… if something looks to good to be true, it probably is just that.- “SPAM” . This junk mail takes the alias of Phish Bait and not the spam you got in tins of World War 2 ration packs, and still available ( a new batch though, not out of date) and is still popular with Ebro fishermen.

So it was no surprise that I came across this weblink:“.

They do give you some good and sound advice. It is applicable the world over and arms you with valid information to protect you against these fraudulent con artists, while you relocate or retire. So don´t leave your good and educated judgement at Luton airport. Bring a dose of healthy skepticism with use and arm yourself against these fraudlent skammers. These people are very persuasive. So take a “cooling off period of 7 days”, ( like you would do with a massive life-changing contract), if you receive unexpected “winnings” via the internet.

 Michael Quinion explains PHISHERS as:

“Phishers lure unsuspecting visitors to fake Web sites that look like those of legitimate organisations. The aim is to persuade people to give their passwords and credit-card information, which the thief can then exploit”;

 Be aware! Internet fraud is rife! It is often sods law they hit your email when you are at your lowest or financially stricken, as another big bill has hit the mat.


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    mariel lyonsJuly 9, 2010Hi Joe,I just got around to ltiesning to day #2. Fabulous job! It is so much fun to watch and listen to you. You are a natural. And by the way, you’re doing exactly what you are so good at doing teaching people how to build their own resources. Good job! I’ll be loooking forward to the next video. By the way, you made some good points.

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