Fiesta de la Cinta – Tortosa


Fiestas en honor a la Virgen de la Cinta Patrona de la ciudad. Se celebran en la primera semana de Septiembre.

The summer season has been wonderful this year. We have already seen the amazingly entertaining July Renaissance festival in Medieval Tortosa town and Fiesta Majors in Campredo, Jesus and Roquetes have entertained us all, especially our Jordan (Jordi- a his amigos call him-who has relocated to live with us this year), with all the bull running sports. But fiestas are never over in Catalonia and the Fiesta Major is still on in La Senia this weekend and Benifallet will be on in a week´s time.

From the 1st September to the 9th September included, Tortosians honour our patron saint , the Virgin of the Ribbon – Virga de la cinta, after whom the Hospital on the hill is named. Although this starts off a religious festival and a procession,there is an awful lot of sporting activities and challenges along and on the River Ebro. (Oh yes, folk, the river is not just for catfishing!)

Boat races are endured in “muletas” on river day. Not to be missed is the “big” swim from Ferreries to Tortosa, not sure if this is bank to bank, or down stream . So lets come along and find out – or join in.

Fun for everyone to enjoy. The childrens´favourite greasy pole pursuit -“cucanyes” entertains the onlookers as well as the kiddies.

Night follows day, and the pleasures continue on with highly contested boat races along with the “habaneras” -Cuban songs on the shores of this mighty River Ebro – that oozes life in to this town in so many ways.

More details can be found at the local Tourist Information Office in front of the Bus station or online in Catalan, wherethe programme takes on a cultural flair : or

I was surfing online the other day (as normal) and was surprised to read a report that Tortosa is not deemed to be a Tourist town . How misguided are they! I have been here over four years now and find out something new going on somewhere,or something knew to do all the time. Come back, I say to the writer, introduce yourself and I will prove you wrong.

The Tortosians are wonderful friendly people and the population is very international now and with more languages appearing all the time. Tortosa is steeped in history, is becoming a very popular destination and a pivotal point for exploring Catalonia and Northern Valencia,not just for other Europeans, but also amongst Americans and Canadians.

Why not round off your evening by trying a different restaurant to your normal one.Wonder around the streets, browse the colourful menus in the doorways and pull up a chair. Bon appetite! Enjoy your culinary delight and soak up the evening views of this riverside city.

Read a lovely message in Catalan from our Mayor (Alcalde de Tortosa ) : Feran Bel i Accensi,

“Bones festes de la Cinta 2007!”

p.s. Don´t forget to share your photos with me of this event.

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