Wind instruments´ fiesta in windy Catalonia

catalonian-flute.jpgFiestas are never over in Catalonia and it is with joy that we hear of another musical one called the “Ebre Terra de Vent” in Catalan or “Tierras de Vientos”in Castillian Spanish. I am sure this will entertain us, as much as the July Jazz Festival did in Tortosa.

This is a “traditional” ( I love that it can portray so many different visual icons) wind instrument music festival. And joy upon joy it is more than one day long and spreads over from the 7th September to Sunday the 9th September, 2007.

Do visit their visual site and though it is in either Castellano or Catala´ -it is informative of other musical events as well:

What constitutes a wind instrument?

Wikipedia states they are instruments that emits a sound when a column of air is made to vibrate inside them.The wave frequencey generated arises according to the instruments´s shape and the length of the column of air. Basically, how much puff you have! Whereas, the design of the instruments depicts the tonal output.

The instruments may be made of either wood / reed or brass. Sounds simple, oh but it does take skill so the sound is not cacophonic. We all remember the days of our kids running home with their recorders and blaring out some dreadful sounds from their bedroom.

However, wind instruments are often handed down over the generations to the next era of aspiring musicians.

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