Empty Transit van leaving Tortosa 25th October for the UK

Stuart Sharples, an affable guy, is heading out of Aldover near Tortosa in Catalonia, for the UK with an empty transit van on 25th October. He is prepared to transport on behalf of you any goods of reasonable weight and size back to the UK.

For the men who understand and still work in imperial measure (us women have gone metric), it is a short wheel base, semi-high top “trannie van”- so the inside is 8ft long, 5ft 8inches high and 4ft 6inches wide. Stuart would preferably  like to deliver from Portsmouth up through London, over to Chelmsford and then up to Leeds in West Yorkshire, without taking him out of his way.

Stuart is willing to collect from Vinaros in Northern Valencia up to Reus,without too much trouble. Rates can be negotiated dependent on volume and weight up to 3/4 of a tonne.

(Not sure if he will charge extra for the “mother-in-law” …)

Stuart may be contacted on (0034) 977 059 254

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