‘Flu Vaccination = La grip vacuneu

catsal.jpgBrighter Catalonia may have warmer and dryer winters than that of northern, western and eastern Europe, but we are not exempt from flu viruses. The health service in Catalonia very effectively practices preventive medicine. Thus, the publications of their informative bulletins are for the benefit of all nationalities.

Their are certain vulnerable sectors which they emphasize should be vaccinated against these ´flu bugs. Namely:

# diabetics

# 60 years or older

# Those with chronic metabolic ailments

# Heart disease

# Chronic lung disorders and asthma sufferers

# Or in contact with people of high risk e.g cystic fibrosis children

Cat Salut started vaccinating on the 1st October but continue on until the end of November. So please don´t leave it too late. If you are not sure whether you or a member of your family should have one, then pop into your local Health Centre and ask the nurse or your doctor. But you will have to make an appointment for the actual vaccination with the nurse.

The old adage is prevalent here – prevention is better than cure !

La grip vacuneu -Vos al vostre centre de Salut. Us podeu vacunar des de l´1 de octubre fins al 30 de novembre de 2007.

# Tenieu 60 anys o mes.

# Patiu malalties croniques

# Sou infants o adolescents que heu estat tractas durant un temps prolongat amb acid acetil solailic

# Esteu embarassada

# Conviu o esteu en contacte amb persones malalties de risc


Remember, when your grandma kept harping on at you to eat more fruit – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Sure, fruit is good for you, but it won´t work on its own. So please don´t skip on the ´flu jab.

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