Empty trailer going back to Cheshire on Monday – 19th November

Have you anything you want transporting back to England on Monday 19th November 2007?  (There may be a levy if it is your “mother-in-law”…)concrete-mixer.jpg

You may have borrowed some equipment from your old neighbour back in the UK who is requesting its prompt return ?

Maybe grandma is going to be surprised with a huge object for gardenpots1.jpgChristmas – but how do we get it back? Whose idea was it anyway to agree to send her that big terracotta pot – she only grows minature pansies?

Gentleman Peter is very helpful and reliable and travelling back to Cheshire in the UK with an empty trailer. Living on the outskirts of Tortosa, he will consider anything that fits (and does not need feeding!) and within the total weight restriction. You are assured Peter will quote at a very reasonable rate. The Lower Ebro Valley pickup area is suitable. However, if you are outside this catchment area still give him a call.

The trailer is covered and secure. Contact him straight away!

Peter  (0034) 697 869 206

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