The sun did come out tomorrow!

This is one of the things I love about living in southern Catalonia. One or two days you wake up with fog drifting up from the Ebro delta and spreading a thick cloak across the Ebro Valley. It reminds you of good old “Blighty” and wipes away any homesickness in one whack! Then you have a few pleasant wintry sunny afternoons and the wind whips up in the evening. But, hey, who cares, him indoors has a roaring house fire waiting.

His goodnight words to me were very affectionate, “What´s the plans for tomorrow then?” What he meant was, what finca or ‘house painting’ jobs am I going to tackle tomorrow. I knew the answer was in truth “None”, but I procrastinated and mumbled as I turned over, “Lets see what the weather brings in.”

Well, it is so bright and sunny and a clear view to the mountains, it does not encourage painting the huge living room ceiling. I can tell you that for ‘nowt’. The wind is whistling around the house, but I need some fresh air. No one else is stirring yet at 10:28am so I will slip down to the shops.

I have some very exciting rental properties to write up about that offer a holiday experience that is so different, so innovative in the way the owners of “Ceniolas” offer their activities and hospitality, and a choice of three different apartments in a village house in the town of Rasquera (just off the C12) and a cottage, “Hunters Lodge” that sits snugly into Ceniolas 75 acres (entrance of TV-3022 El Perello to Rasquera road) at the base of the Cardo Mountains in the Burga Valley.

So husband dear, those are my plans for today!

“Ceniolas” coming soon on

Buenas fin de setmana.

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