Sultan Indian Restaurant & Take Away Deliveries in Tortosa!!!

Sultan Restaurant and wonderful Pak -Indian take way and deliveries. Now under New Management!!! The Sultan have taken over the original Indian eatery down in the old part of Tortosa town.


The chef Tanveer Hussain has had many wonderful years presenting delightful Indiansultanrst1.jpg food in the top restaurants across Manchester and Glasgow in the UK and Munich in Germany.


First impressions were of a friendly, welcoming greeting from the three charming gentlemen who jointly own the Sultan. I was immediately struck with how sparkling an image is now presented in this small and cozy restaurant, tucked away along the cobbled street behind the Medieval Cathedral in Remolins, the olde part of Tortosa Ebro River town. Everything was clean and well presented in soft colours of refreshing white and soft pinks. Tables were already set with glasses.


Soft, cheerful and almost “bouncey” Pakistani music flowed over your thoughts, but was not intrusive, as you studied the intriguing array of menu choices. I was quietly served a glass of chilled fresh orange juice and a tasty Papadum with interesting seeds in it. I couldn’t just work out what they were, so I asked the Chef. He was so pleased to educate me in the art of Indian spices – Zeera. He chuckled that you can also get Indian cookies made with Zeera but they are sweeter. (Well maybe another day we will sample them.) But what I loved was the choices in tiny little silver servers of mango chutney, a hot and spicey fruit one with chillies (definitely chillies!), a minty yogurt and a clear yogurt. Oh boy, I could make a meal out of them. I call them my “dip and dives”.


The walls depict paintings of Indian village scenes which contrast with a Spanish wall tapestry of a Matador engaging an “el torro” in conversation. (Well, we are in Spain!) A sultanrst2.jpgwoven wall carpet of intricate autumn colours brightens up a conclave. Sparkling mirrors pick up the activities of the “Sultan” with a steady flow of people in and out. I marvel at the popularity of it from the number of Spanish people popping in and ordering. Spanish like spicey food. But above all else, Spanish only eat good food!


Under Mr. Hussains´ unimposing calm presence, I notice how quiet the kitchen is under his new management. No banging noises, nor raised stressed voices. Just the staff kept busy going in and out, attending to their duties. Smiling, courteous, but not at all intrusive. They have developed the right blend of attention, helpfulness, friendliness and yet know when to withdraw leaving you time to choose at leisure from their extensive menus, so reasonably priced and inexpensive meals!


I was informed immediately that they do cater for vegetarians or for people who like plain fish and chips, with or without curry. What a fabulous array of Indian delights spilled out from the pages of this menu. All clearly presented in both English and Spanish, though the three gentlemen are linguists in their own right and share a love of European languages amongst themselves. Tourists will be able to speak their home language of German, French, English or even Dutch. The owners also speak fluent Spanish!


The music flows smoothly into English melodies. It is still happy and light. The atmosphere is comfortable and airy, without being too hot or too cold. You relax and the aromas are drifting towards you as your meal is brought to your table.


The presentation was superb. The starters were large enough to be a main course. I kept thinking, this would be a main course for my little old Mum. If things couldn´t get better, beerhalf.jpgthey did. The chicken tikka, Mr Hussain had cooked to be my liking. A little bit hot, but a little bit creamy. I had garlic nan accompany it. It was just perfect. I could not fault any of it. I did not have room for desert. I only drank mineral water with the main meal as I did not want any distraction away from the flavouring. That is not to say that next time I willredwine1.jpg not have a glass of wine, or even a beer if it is a sultry night!


A lady stopped me in a Xerta street the other day and was so delighted that they had found a “wonderful Indian Restaurant in Tortosa”. She said they had arrived ever so late back from Vinaros and really thought they were too late for a meal to be cooked as it was nigh on midnight. She said the owners could not have been nicer.”Ooh, their onion baji´s and korma dishes were gorgeous.We were ever so full up afterwards.”


I mentioned that they will do Take Away deliveries as far as Xerta. “Ooh, I know! Really good food. We loved it. So do lots of folk in Xerta”.


We have steered Catalan locals to it. We have spoken to English visiting tourists and told them to “give it a go and let me know”. I have not heard one complaint.


Last Wednesday I was sat chatting with newly made friends at a coffee morning in de la Galatxo. and as you do when the “Calendar” girls are all gathered, the conversation turns to food. Someone mentioned “If only we had a good Indian Restaurant.” But we do have one! I handed out a few flyers of the Sultan´s menu, then sat back and waited for their reactions.

“Ooh look at this, my favourite.”

“Menu in English..”

“Aren´t their prices good. You say they deliver?”

Oh yes, anyway in Tortosa, or its outskirts. They even go to Jesus, Roquetes, up to Aldover and as far as Xerta.

“Hey, girls, they are open 7 days and nights a week. 12 Noon to midnight, this is fabulous.”

Well, if you see a happy, noisey, fun loving bunch at Sultan’s – you know the girls got there!

My compliments to Mr Hussain and his partners, Ali and Naveed. Keep up the excellent work.



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