Eye on Spain & Diego Rodríguez Arcas

001.JPGJustin at “Eye on Spain” has once more come up with a forward thinking idea coupled with the Andalucian voice of Deigo Rodriguez Arcas. He will blog every few days in Spanish on the Spanish perspective of their culture, life and current views. It is so imperative that we not only meet other cultures but embrace their language and listen to their understanding of what is going on in Spain. Then you can debate what is written in English or European press.

Diego will write in Spanish and there will be an English summary posted every week. However,  Diego will write in clear and easy to read Spanish. So give it a go. Try and diego1.jpgunderstand what he is saying. You will pick up the language so much faster!


Here is my comment I sent him earlier on today, but go and read what others have said to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 @ 9:18 AM“Absolutely fabulous idea and we look forward with interest to reading your articles. Although we are up in Southern Catalonia I am sure my readers will develop their knowledge and language with your inspiration. We will direct them to your link.
Many thanks and it is encouraging to see the cultures working together for a BrighterSpain.
La idea absolutamente fabulosa y nosotros miran hacia adelante con interés a leer sus artículos. Aunque estemos arriba en Cataluña Meridional yo estoy seguro que mis lectores desarrollarán su conocimiento y el idioma con su inspiración. Nosotros los dirigiremos a su conexión. Muchas gracias y alentando a culturas de seeteh que trabajan juntos para un www.BrighterSpain. com “

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