Bonsai -more than just a plant in a pot.

Today is overcast and does not encourage sitting outdoors with a book. So what can we do that is different?

Why not take a short drive up or down towards Camarles (Tarragona) onto the N340 and turn off at the kilometre mark of 1093 into the wonderful world of “Mistral Bonsai”?

You may not be the most avid of gardeners. Yet, you will have an enjoyable and delightful experience in viewing this mysterious world of gardening with a difference. Bonsai is more than just a small plant in a pot. It is an art. It is a sculpture. It is a trained skill in plant care and designed pruning or sculpturing the leaves and branches.

It can be very therapeutic and calming to the nerves. An activity that busy people can cope with. The beauty of these plants are they have internal and external one’s to suit your needs.

It also opens up for you a new kind of hobby and interest. One that even those of us that suffer with creeking knees, aching backs and tired arthritic hands can cope with. It is ideal to embrace your time with, for those just approaching their senior years . It need not be expensive.

There is so much information out there online, that you need not succumb to expensive glossy books purchases when you are starting out. I suggest you read Brent Walston´s article on “What are Bonsai?” at
Entrance is free at Mistral Bonsai S.L.

bs-r24_pinus_pentaphylla_mini.jpegOpening hours between October and May are:Monday to Saturday : 09:00 – 19:00 and Sunday and Fiestas: 10:00 – 14:00

Opening hours during the hotter months of June to September are: Monday to Saturday: 09:00-14:00 after siesta 16:30 -20:30 and Sunday and Fiestas: 10:00 – 14:00

View their website in Spanish or French at Bonsai´s do make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbours and family.

Enjoy your day out!

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