Sunday Parky’s Casa Madera Carboot Social club

Hi folks,

The wind has subsided and it promises to be a brilliant day. The carboot sale alias Parky’s social club is on the cards this morning. It is in the usual venue at Terrapica.

However, there is a twist to this one today. It is free for all stall holders. So that gives you an extra 5 *cinco* euros in your pocket to spend on someone else’s stall.

I hear, via the social grapevine network of the Terres del Ebre, that “Girl Friday” Jayne  will be selling her wares. Roll up early as I am sure there will be some avid bargaining going on there! Besides, chat to her, as she does offer a whole range of services to assist with tasks and transport, secretarial duties and more.

I know Stuart and Hazel from Finca Avellana will be there and he has an amazingly , well priced big Stihl stone cutter to flog. For anyone doing up a finca or new build or even in the trade, one of these is a definitely “must have ” item.

Furthermore, if your home is too small to accommodate the family when they come out why not speak to him about his very well modernised and “fitted out” Touring caravan that he has for sale. It is in mint condition and very comfortable with Spanish gas fittings!

He will deliver it to your home for a reasonable fee.

Nothing to sell in goods, but you are self/employed and would like some free advertising ?

Why not just turn up, park your car and hand out some business cards or just plonk  a homemade sign in front of your  “el coche” ( transport) and just introduce yourself.

Leave your English reserve at home – no one bites here, not even the puppies!

Last month I took home a wonderful puppy from John´s Spanish dog litter. What a wonderful dog this is ! So easy to train and has been accepted with our German Shepherds. He is turning into a wonderful “house” dog as well. ( Though he won´t fit on the bottom of our bed for much longer!)

To all intents and purpose he looks identical to an English Pointer. There are a few more to go free to a good home.

Parky´s Carboot sales are becoming a social, chatty legend in  its own right. Most folk are just turning up for the friendly banter over his loud speaker and the laughter that is shared over refreshments and tasty treats at the “Delia” hands of Nicole.

So whether you are finding it difficult to connect and meet new friends, or wanting to catch up on “What´s happening in the Valley or Mountains?” or are serious contenders on the “market stalls” or habitual bargain hunters, this is the place to be, today and every first Sunday in the month.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there as I have double car- trouble and some wonderful freelance work has landed on my computer this weekend. But I will be there next time!

I have some very good fly and mosquito products for sale for a mere 10 euros and it lasts three months. Perfectly safe with livestock and house pets. This is just the equivalent of two cans of fly spray that lasts a few hours if you are lucky. So drop me a line at:

Have a lovely Sunday out at Casa Madera! I always meet new contacts and make new friends.

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  1. Amy Spurr says:

    Hello! Do you know if this car boot sale is still running?

  2. Rosie Reay says:

    Most carboot sales have been closed down unless they are run by a registered bona fide charity for pet rescue centre that is registered with the local Ajuntament..for eg Arca at Campredo. I will post updates as when I hear them as spring is here and people are turfing their unwanted treasures out for sale or recycling. Drop em a line if you hear of any in your are and I can upload a blog quickly to announce it. Thanks Rosie Reay

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