Kitty and her Poultice

Of all the nights of horrendous, torrential rain and thunderstorms one of my cats came in bedraggled and bleeding over the weekend. Oh, no! Not another emergency trip to the vet.

Under her chin were two huge bite marks and the fur had been torn away. Definitely not a snake in that case, but she had been pinned down. This is Charlie (Charlotto). The only one that has not been fixed, because she is very ‘skitty and doesn´t like people touching her, except me. I know I have my emergency animal “vet” kit of cleansing fluid and anti-septic liquid in the house. I also know it stings and then she will be more frightened or I will be scarred in the process.

Come on think! Think!

Then I remembered. She needs a natural based poultice to close the wound and one that will stop the bleeding and also discourage itching by soothing the pain.

A Bread (“pan” = Spanish for bread) poultice may just work.

I removed the crusts and chopped the bread into small pieces. Placed in a saucepan with a little water/milk and simmered for a few minutes. Applied this warm (not over hot) bread poultice to the open cuts. They were already becoming infected and smelley. I knew she wouldn´t take much messing about with. She would give me only one shot at it.

I applied the warm bread poultice as quickly and as thick as I could. She licked the poultice off my fingers. She did not try and remove it from the wound. The bleeding stopped quickly. She settled down purring after a little drink and a corner of ham. Within 48 hours the wound had closed. The infectious and nasty smell had gone.

Charlotto was once more contented, well, until the next time!

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