White Suzuki “missing” from Campredo Hills> Uk registration of J 510 OND

If this week has not been hard enough on folk who live on the outskirts of town with petrol shortage! Now, someone has gone and “helped themselves” to someone’s old, little valued but treasured vehicle.
Vehicle – 1991 Suzuki SJ413 LWB White J510OND

Mike and Denise would like their old reliable, faithful friend back please. If anyone has seen it or knows where it is dumped please send me an email to:-roseann@BrighterSpain.com

Please Expats and locals push aside the attitude of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). Be aware of who your neighbours and visitors in your community are. If you are suspicious of any vehicle or persons please give Guardia Civil a call. They do know which vehicles are “local” and will willingly check it out.

Working together for a Brighter Spain and Brighter Catalonia.

The above details can also be viewed on www.TortosaForum.com

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