Ebro Valley News is alive and well!

The local newspaper, Ebro Valley News is still alive and well!rivermts1.jpg

It has survived all the teething problems that one expects when a new, news print hits the racks.

The next issue will be out and on the streets on the 20th September. It will have a wider distribution area from Barcelona, stretching down towards Valencia. Of course, it will cover southern Catalonia and be very prominent across the Ebro Valley.

If you are not sure where your local “pick-up point” is, just drop Gerry or Kelly an email on :-editor@ebrovalleynews.com. Alternatively, you can call Gerry in English (Irish…) on 670 449 480 or speak to the “grace”-ful Kelly in Castellano on 697 565 778.

In Ferreries, Tortosa, one of the drop off points is at “Tony┬┤s Tabacs” .

The headlines for September print will deal in depth on the “Leaks in the Nuclear Power plants” in our areas. This does make informed reading. This does affect our environment.

We offer Gerry and Kelly our support in their revamped issues and look forward, in anticipation, to a good read.

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