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Steve Miller is just the sort of mentor everyone needs in today’ s world.

Everyday you open the paper or switch on the telly and the news is depressing. Crisis, closures, financial ruin, re-possessions, cost of living hiking up higher and higher coupled with an awful exchange rate of the sterling to the Euro if you live in Spain or the Eu mainland.

So why Steve Miller?
So why Steve Miller?

How many New Years resolutions have been made “This year 2009 I am going to get the weight off!” More to the point, how many of these resolutions flared up like the fireworks and have already burned out, given up on or forgotten about until next years resolutions are feebly re-made?

This is one of the “must buy” books this year. You will treasure it. You will be able to work with it and you will love it. You will still have time to revive your New Year’s resolution.You will be successful and have a laugh along the way.

This guy talks straight. This guy talks sense. Read it today.

“Get off your arse and lose weight” by Steve Miller – knows what he is talking about.

So no more excuses!

So why more of Steve Miller?

Times are tough.Times are depressing. News are “No jobs out there for anyone”. Are you sure about that? So what are you going to do? Sit back and just accept your fate? Give up? Come on you guys have more go about you.

Wherever you are in the world this book is valid. Steve Miller will show you how. He will encourage you to laugh, he will motivate you, he will give you the push up your derrie-air which we all need from time to time, but he will help you.

“Get off your arse and grab that job” by Steve Miller.

He is true to his slogan “Building a world of winners”. Try it, I dare you, you will not be disappointed.

But Steve Miller is not done yet!

Watch out for his next book soon to be released. Look out for him on GMTV in 2009

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