Easter Week in Catalonia = Setmana Santa a Tortosa

So many British children merely associate Easter as a chance to indulge in a mound of Easter Eggs. Where they think their “street cred.” improves with the higher number of eggs received.

When we first moved out to Catalonia we were hard pressed to find any decent eggs and were scouring around “English shops” along the coastline, looking for something different.  Now the supermarkets around Tortosa are inundated with all shapes, sizes and prices of the “must have” chocolate Easter eggs. Oh Yes dear parents, they are not cheap!

Now we see local children clambering around parents legs pleading for a Chocolate Bunny and blocking shopping aisles as the stressed out father tries to reach the top one. The top one’s are always freshest,   right? Passerbys look back in amusement, willing the chocolate tower to topple over. Awful aren’t we!

However, it was with interest this morning I browsed in a Patisserie in Xerta, (opposite their Proxim shop and one street behind the town square) at wonderful objects of animation made out of dairy milk and white chocolate. There was a television screen with people in it. There was an enormous cow, but with such a comical expression. I sniggered. I had never thought of cows in relation to Easter, but I suppose they do provide the milk for the chocolate. They even had a billboard with English writing on made out of chocolate and so much more. Two huge windows were just stacked with characters and objects all made out of chocolate. Well worth  a visit just to “window shop”.

But Easter week takes on  a very sombre tone in this country with processions and classical concerts. I see many enquiries on Tortosa Forum with people asking “What is going on over Easter”, though I posted a few details I will cover what I know on here too.

But don’t forget on the Religious days shops will not be opened in Tortosa!


1. Processò de la Passiò / Diumenge de Rams 5 d’abril de 2009 a les 20.00h Sortida: Plaça de la Cinta

2. Processò del Silenci / Dijous Sant 9 d’abril de 2009 a les 00’00h  (but congregate at 23.30 in the square!) Sortida: Plaça Immaculada (Remolins fins el convent de la Purìssima – circular route)

3. Processò del Sant Enterrament / Divendres Sant 10 d’abril de 2009 :Tortosa : ales 21’00 Sortida:Plaça de la Cinta

4. Processò del Sant Enterrament / Divendres Sant 10 d’abril de 2009 : Jesùs: a les 21’30 Immaculada


  • Concert de Mùsica Sacra 3 d’abril :Lloc: Esglèsia Sant Jaume de Remolins  (Free – gratuït) A càrrec de:- Capella Ducal
  • Concert de Setmana Santa Lloc: Catedral Tortosa -a càrrec de: Cor de Cambra Felix Mendelssohn
  • Concert de Setmana Santa: Lloc:Catedral de Tortosa / Cant Gregorìa. Cor Resurrexit.
  • Concert de Setmana Santa: Lloc:Catedral de Tortosa / A càrrec de: Cor ciutat de Tarragona i Camerata instrumental de Tarragona

This may seem rather high brow to some, but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Besides it gives a feeling of integration and a willingness to try and understand the Tortosian culture.

Sunny days are forecast for Saturday through to Monday, then rain again will set in for a few days. So let your Easter begin this weekend! Have fun and do something different!

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