High on the hill is a lonely goat herd

Well, not quite Julie Andrews style but I am sure the locals won’t mind if you yodel on down or up the hill to the quaint mountainside village of Rasquera, to join in their annual goat fiesta ” cabra fira”  this weekend.

Yes once more they are celebrating this traditional fair on the 2nd and 3rd of May, where local artisans can also be seen administering their craft of time gone by.

The Catalonians entertainment is steeped in tradition and they are very proud to commemorate the historic time when Rasquera was a major goat market with this Goat Festival.

The livestock show, in itself is well worth the trip out. In this southern region of mountainous Tarragona one can find the goats called “Cabra Blanca” or “Cabra de Rasquera”. This  breed of goats related to the populations of “Serrana” goats, and I have it on first hand, local advice these are the best!

Goat cheese is also becoming very popular and it would be nice to try and sample some fresh locally made produce, as opposed to shop bought Lidl goat cheese.http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-goat-cheese.htm

You need not be of the “farmer Jone’s” stock to enjoy a good day out with the whole family at this very special, and slightly unusual type of fiesta. It is well attended by the Expat community, tourists and locals.

Any Enquiries about the festival or Cabra fira can be asked via email to:  aj.rasquera@altanet.org

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