Fig -figa -higo-figue-feige or Figs in grammar!

It reads like a tongue twister that I was made to say over and over as child to try and overcome a bad stammer. Though this one is more of a fruity nature of calling  a fig in different languages for Expats. Reading across it goes as: English, Catalan, Spanish , French and then German.

Do note (but not to be preachey) in Spanish the <h> is silent to hear i-g-o.

I did find it amusing when I saw the Catalan have merely added an <a> as a suffix to the English fig. Adam and his fig leaf at the time of first pro-creation. Oh, well never mind I must always tease out the root source in every word being a daft Namiac.

Now I ‘d like to share the following expressions with you:

  • figa de moro = prickly pear or a softey
  • figaflor =wimp, weed, drip
  • figuera = a fig tree
  • figura= figure (as a form)
  • això són figues d’un altre paner = that’s another story (or kettle of Fish -to us Brits) or that’s a horse of a different colour
  • figurar = to imagine, to represent or as in the US slang “go figure”

… and some of my favourites

  • figurar-se = ja m’ho figurava! = I thought as much!
  • no es figura com em va costar de convèncer-lo = you can’t iamgine how hard it was for me to convince him!

Would love to hear other figgy expresssions used in daily speech in any of the above mentioned languages fromExpats and locals and general readers.

Are there any good poems or lyrics out there where  figs are the centre force, apart from the well healed Christmas carol  of “Figgy pudding”?

Look forward to your comments

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  1. Jan says:

    I can only offer the english “I don’t give a fig!”

  2. Michael Douglas Bosc says:

    My wife makes fig jam we call it ‘figgy duff’. It is the most tasty and natural of fruit. It is good for the body and digestive system keeps one ‘moving’. This is her recipe.

    1lb(kg) of nearly ripe figs 1lb(kg) sugar the juice of a large lemon.

    Cut the figs into small pieces and place into a pan adding the sugar and lemonjuice. Stir until all the sugar has disolved then boil gently until setting point is reached cool and put into warm jars.

    This so I am told is a simple and quick recipe. All I know is its very delicious.

  3. rossend says:

    One poetry in catalan:

    “Prehistòriques figueres
    i serps desmesurades
    vigilen l’entrada
    de ma cova privada”

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