The Catfish Tailor…

>> For a truly tailored catfish experience, look no further than <<

Graham is a very experienced River guide who personally tailors his plans and decides whether it is better to take a short drive up to the L´Assut (the Weir) at Xerta, off the C12 route, with “it´s fast flowing shallows and deep glides”, or t continue on down through Aldover where the river stretchesout even wider. More exciting fishing can be had at Amposta where the river seems to loose its kinks and reaches far out down to the Delta. Reportedly this is the area of deep trenches that find ideal for “drift Fishing.”

This is a very articulated set-up with care to your comfort and safety. A new and well-maintained, insured and registered boat (17´ California Skiff) that will harness one guide and 3 fishermen/women with excellent catfish rods and bait supplied.

The guests have no need to nibble on the corn or the “un-jellied” eels, as Maureen packs up a very satisfying lunch for you to munch while seeing some magnificent views from waters as you wait for Señor Catfish to take your bait. Maureen and Graham offer attention to detail to make you feel very welcomed, cared for, fed and watered, so you quickly unwind and relax in the beautiful surroundings of their property. Where they enthusiastically assign themselves to ensure you have exceptional and exhilarating days out on our diversed River Ebro and treasured memories to take home second to none!

Enjoy! – ¡ Gozar !  – Gaudir de!

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