Where ladies ” black fishnets ” take on a whole new meaning…

Champion Lady Catfish 182lbThe world of a Lady River Guide for Carp and the Giant Wells Catfish takes on a whole new outlook on the proverbial “ladies black fishnets” – or “keep-nets” as is the River Speak.

This is one entrepid lady fishing guide!

Don´t be mislead by her petiteness. Natalie Hull has great temerity, matched second to none with her tenacity and passionate knowledge of her sport, her hobby, her livelihood and expertise and skill in River Guiding on the Lower Ebro River for Carp and those enormous Catfish.

A very popular choice amongst ardent fishermen ( and the “Fisherladies” or Female Anglers) from around the world. Only this week Natalie has been out all week on the Ebro with a party of Australians. Her client base tells its own story. It is expanding rapidly with repeat bookings from France, Denmark, Canada, England, Lithuania, Ireland, other Australians and what is very interesting the number of Spanish and Catalonians that are now booking for this exhilerating sport. Each year a few more countries join her guest data base. Amercians and Canadians are hooked on fishing these big cats too.


What are you waiting for out there?

I have seen some evidence of mighty catfish caught off the banks of “El Figueral”over the last fortnight from a charming and friendly Dutch family of father and DAUGHTER partnership (mother chose the poolside and a magazine – I can relate to that!)http://www.brighterspain.com/elfig.html = Hier begint uw visvakantie.

But why not make your holiday complete and try out a day or more on the river with Natalie. Natalie is the Lower Ebro Ladies Champion catfisher with her 182lb. That takes some reeling in! Besides you have the photos to take home with you, along with life time memories. However, be warned – you will yearn to come back next year.

The Dutch, the Belgiums and the Germans love to fish the River Ebro as well.

Bank fishing can be as rewarding as being out on the river. Evening fishing is also fun and takes on a whole new dimension. Go on! Take a peek at her price list and packages you will be pleasantly surprised.

http://www.catfishingadventures.co.uk/prices.html .

Who would imagine that a way for a father to bond with his daughter, would be to take her out of her mother´s hair for the day, at the gentle age of eight. Little did he expect her to become so hooked on fishing from her first day. Natalie has never looked back! I am sure, many a day when she is drifting down the wonderful Ebro, heading homewards after another amazing eight hours guiding, she casts her mind back, thankfully to all those precious days when she first start gathering her fishing knowledge from her father and mentor.

Natalie first started River Guiding on the Ebro from October 2003. Her PhotoCat Gallery show some awesome fish!


New to the sport, want to find out what all the fuss is about, contact Natalie Hull. You will not be disappointed when you take part in this “adrenalin pumping” sport

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