Bookshelf No.2 from the Voice of Ebro – 10 September – A brighter read

Week 2 of our Bookshelf collection for a Brighter Read. The selection is varied and covers different interests and activities for all age groups, but ensures enjoyment for all of you. Nothing beats a good read for relaxation and escapism into your own little world. Bliss!

1. “The King and I “-Herbert Breslin – witty and frankly written about Luciano Pavarotti life, escapades and rise to fame from footballer to tenor, by his friend and manager for the last 36 years.

2.” Rugby World Cup 2007 Official Travel Guide” – Mike Gerrard, Donna Dailey and Hope Caton. Bursting with information about the 42 matches across 10 French cities and 2 in the Uk. Jam packed with talk of the rugby villages,shopping and tourist information to make your rugby tour so much more enjoyable. Rugby news and lots of it.

3. “Sharon Osbourne Extreme: Autobiography”.This classical lady has entertained us on TV-She is sassy and so much fun.You will just love her attitude and all her titbits about her husband Ozzey, who she loves unconditionally. Her temerity in her fight for life. Her world has been a man´s world -“dog eat dog”, but above all she has been a Mum to 3 wonderful kids. A definite autumn read!

4. “Craft Inc: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business ” by Meg Mateo Ilasco- in paperback since August 2007.Always thought about doing it – autumn is now the time to start putting your dream craft forward into a business. You are never too young nor too old to do it. A valuable reading source.

“Totally flawed, totally loveable” by Melissa Walker.A book for teens and it has 5 star reviews. V is the girl who is fascinating. All her insecurities and flaws in her character we can relate to. Page after pages scoops you up with both joy and pain.

6 “Double Cross (Alex Cross) by James Patterson as advertised on Satelite television. Definitely another “must read” book while it is still warm enough to enjoy your deckchair outside under the mulberry trees.
7.” Woodworking for Dummies” by Jeff Strong – out in paperback. This book is valuable to “him indoors”, but have you never thought of how this craft is now accessible to us ladies with all these new fanciful, electric tools. Hey, if we can manage the Concrete mixer and the petrol chainsaw,we must be dummies not to give this a go.Afterall, the garage is not just his domain.

8.” A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini

9. “The Collectors” by David Baldacci – The members of the Camel Club reunite to solve a murder at the Library of Congress.

10. “74 Seaside Avenue” by Debbie Macomber. A chess champion keeps a protective eye on his hairdresser wife after receiving veiled threats from a Russian opponent; Book 7 of the Cedar Cove series.

11.”Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen – a young man, an elephant -save a Depression-era circus. This book will be enjoyed like we have just enjoyed the live Circo Raluy in Tortosa.

12.“1001 Most Useful Spanish Words (Beginners Guides)” -Seymour Resnick´s valuable book for all Expats and not just the college kids – that is a lot of words!

13.**Newsflash** – “You´ve been Warned” – James Patterson new release which will be on sale Monday, September 10,




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